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Department of Mathematics

Research By Faculty

Research By Area
Name Research by Area

Rajee Amarasinghe

Mathematics Education

Earvin Balderama

Statistical Methods
Bayesian Methods
Zero-inflated Models

Mario Banuelos

Mathematical Biology
Statistical Models for Genome Evolution
Data Science

Michael Bishop

Mathematical Physics

Lance Burger

Mathematics Education

Carmen Caprau

Quantum Topology
Knot Theory
Categorifications of Knot Invariants

Steve Chung

Applied Statistics
Time-Series Analysis
Semi-parametric and Nonparametric Estimation
Volatility Models

Stefaan Delcroix

Finite Groups 
Abstract Algebra 
Coding Theory 
Number Theory

Doreen De Leon

Numerical Analysis
Applied Mathematics

Comlan de Souza

Fourier Analysis
Numerical Linear Algebra
B-splines interpolation

Tamas Forgacs

Complex Analysis
Health Economics
Mathematical Economics

Katherine Kelm

Algebraic Topology
Low-dimensional Homotopy

Marat Markin

Functional Analysis
Operator Theory
Differential Equations in Abstract Spaces
Semigroups of Operators

Maria Nogin

Number Theory
Algebra, Geometry, Topology

Khang Tran

Complex Analysis
Analytic Number Theory
Zero Distribution
Hypergeometric and Basic Hypergeometric Series

Agnes Tuska

Mathematics Education
Teacher Education
History of Mathematics
International Comparison Studies in Mathematics Education

Oscar Vega

Finite Geometry

Ke Wu

Survival Analysis
Applied Statistics
Nonparametric and Semiparametric Statistical Inference