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Department of Mathematics

Mathematics Teaching Scholars Honors Program

The aim of the Mathematics Teaching Scholars Honors program is to provide an opportunity for talented students to become part of Fresno State's Mathematics program and ultimately embark on a fulfilling career as a mathematics educator teaching at a high school, community college, or university. This program is designed not only to bolster their academic pursuits as mathematics majors but also to nurture their growth as prospective educators. 

Program Features

This 8-unit honors program is designed with the goal of attracting around 20 mathematically strong students annually, including both incoming first-time freshmen (FTF) and transfer students. These individuals should have a strong interest in pursuing the mathematics major, with aspirations of becoming future mathematics educator.

As a part of their degree program, selected students will take the honors courses (MATH 31H, 32H, 33H, 34H - maximum of 3 from any category) in addition to their required coursework for the major (for specific details, refer to Tables 1 and 2 below).

Honors courses:

  • MATH 31H (1 unit) – Sharing Professional Experiences
    Sharing/disseminating the experiences gained in activities, such as Calculus enrichment (summer 6 weeks)/ Undergraduate research/summer programs in research labs/study abroad.

  • MATH 32H (1 unit) – Professional Learning Experiences
    Attending teacher education seminars and content mentoring sessions (usually every other Friday)

  • MATH 33H (1 unit) - Conference Experience 
    Attending at least one conference, such as CMC, NCTM, AMS, AMTE, AERA, and MAA, and writing reflections on their experiences.

  • MATH 34H (1 unit) - Early Teaching Experience 
    Attending weekly meetings to discuss key mathematics education topics needed for various teaching experiences, such as Instructional Student Assistant (for MATH 6, 75, 76), Fresno Math Circle, Teaching Fellows program, Early Field Experience program, and summer bridge teaching. 

  • MATH 193 (1 unit) – Jr Seminar 
    In addition to the regular content of this upper-division class, which is required for math majors in all options, honors students are expected to participate in mathematics outreach activities conducted by the mathematics department. 

    These activities are designed to inform high school or community college students and excite them towards mathematics. These activities include preparing hands-on and stimulating mathematics concepts, giving presentations about careers related to mathematics, or disseminating information related to our programs and opportunities guided by the department outreach coordinator. 
Possible Roadmaps for First-Time Freshmen and Transfer Students
Table 1: Possible Roadmap for First-time Freshman
Year Fall Spring
Freshman MATH 31H MATH 32H
Sophomore MATH 34H MATH 33H
Junior MATH 31H MATH 32H, MATH 193
Senior MATH 33H  
Table 2: Possible Roadmap for Transfer Students
Year Fall Spring
Junior MATH 32H, MATH 34H MATH 33H, MATH 192
Senior MATH 31H, MATH 33H MATH 32H, MATH 33H
Typical Timelines for the Program
Semester Applied Expectation
Fall Dec - March – students submit applications
  April – student interview, selection, and notified of acceptance to honors program
  May – welcome and program orientation
Semester Applied Expectation
Spring May - June – students submit applications
  Nov – student interview, selection, and notified of acceptance to honors program
  Dec – welcome and program orientation


Financial Benefits

  • Receive approximately $1000 per year for professional memberships, conference attendance, professional development activity participation, and books/supplies from the Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) at Fresno State.
  • Receive $500 per year, for up to two years for professional memberships, conference attendance, and professional development activity participation (MSTI).
  • Eligible for paid experience working with K-12 students through the Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program; students can earn $700 per month.
  • Eligible for an annual scholarship of $1250 awarded in the spring semester of the freshman year and renewable for up to three years through the Kremen School of Education’s Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program. 
  • Qualify for $3750 per year through the Federal TEACH Grant Program.


How to Apply

  • Please complete the application
  • Attach your transcripts 
  • One-page personal statement of no more than 500 words in which you address the following questions:
  1. Why do you want to participate in the Honors Program?
  2. Why are you interested in teaching?
  3. What are your future educational plans after completing your degree at CSU Fresno?

Honor Program Flyer


Please contact Dr. Rajee Amarasinghe, program coordinator
P 559.278.4136