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Department of Mathematics


The First CSU Joint Mathematical Meeting was held at CSU, Northridge on November 11-12, 2022.  More detailed information about the conference is available via the conference web site at

Students and faculty were encouraged to submit abstracts to give presentations.

Of note is the fact that lodging for two nights at the conference site, meals, coffee breaks, conference banquet, and conference documentation was free of charge for all presenters. Travel support for students with accepted presentations was available.  Students must send an email to the Conference Secretariat along with a letter from their Department Head/Chair that states that the participant is a full-time student.

Colloquia / Seminars

The Department of Mathematics runs active programs aimed at the academic involvement of faculty, students, and the general public:


This is a lecture series delivered by speakers from different universities around the country in a wide variety of topics and research areas. The goal of these lectures is to introduce attendees to current, ongoing research in mathematics and mathematics education, especially as it pertains to students who wish to get involved in undergraduate research. Occasionally lectures on topics of historical and general interest as well as popular mathematics are delivered. If you would like to give a talk, please contact Dr. Mario Bencomo ( 

Upcoming and Previous Colloquia


This program consist of research talks delivered by faculty and students in the department on current and ongoing work. We welcome speakers and attendants from other departments whose research work and interests involve mathematics in any form. If you would like to give a talk, please contact Dr. Mario Bencomo ( 

Upcoming and Previous Seminars

Graduate and Undergraduate Student Seminar (GAUSS)

The goal of this seminar is to share and spread our love for mathematics. We seek for mainly student speakers, or talks that have been designed for an undergraduate audience. The talks can be of any length, between 20 minutes to 50 minutes, and consist of any mathematics or mathematics-related topic. If you would like to give a talk, please contact Dr. Carmen Caprau ( 

Upcoming and Previous GAUSS Presentations

Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar

The seminar is intended for students who have interest in increasing their exposure to various topics in mathematics. Mathematics faculty give talks on topics not usually covered in a course, giving students an opportunity to discover new concepts, and to engage with problems from mathematics, as well as to appreciate the way mathematicians think about such problems. The seminar is an excellent way to learn about topics suitable for undergraduate research, and to meet mathematics faculty who are happy to supervise students in exploratory and research projects.

Functional Analysis and Mathematical Physics Interdepartmental Research Group (FAMP)

The Functional Analysis and Mathematical Physics Interdepartmental Research Group (FAMP) brings together mathematics and physics faculty and students at Fresno State. Whether you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, or faculty, we are all students constantly learning, so we maintain an informal and open discussion. Each meeting is an open forum to ask questions and learn. Anyone and everyone with an interest in these fields is welcome to join us. And if you have a topic you want to learn about or share, please e-mail our coordinator Dr. Marat Markin ( 

Upcoming and Previous FAMP Presentations