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Department of Mathematics

Master of Science Degree Program

Important Information

The Department of Mathematics Master of Science (M.S.) in Mathematics program is designed for students who wish to study mathematics at an advanced level. Within this degree program, students may choose to follow paths that specialize in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or mathematics education. These paths satisfy the needs of students who wish to work in industry, go on to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics or mathematics education, or want to teach at a community college or wish to assume a leadership role in high school mathematics education and beyond.

Detailed information may be found in the Master's of Science in Mathematics Handbook.

Why Should I Get a Master’s Degree in Mathematics?

M.S. program

The benefits of earning a master’s degree in mathematics include the following:

  • A master’s degree opens the door to more job opportunities in industry.
    • Many positions in research and development require at least a master’s degree, either in mathematics or a related field. 
    • Both private firms and federal agencies hire people with a master’s degree for work in various areas, such as mathematical modeling, computer graphics, cryptography, etc.
  • Teaching at the community college level requires a master’s degree at minimum.
  • Taking a leadership role at the secondary education level requires a master’s degree.
  • An easier transition to a doctoral program in mathematics, applied mathematics, or a related field, or in mathematics education.