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Department of Mathematics


Name Areas of Expertise and Interest What would they supervise
Rajee Amarasinghe Using technology in Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Student Attitudes and Beliefs about Mathematics
Interdisciplinary Mathematics Teaching and Learning
MATH 290, 298 
Earvin Balderama Applied Statistics and Data Science in Social Impact Areas
Statistical Models for Zero-inflated Count Data
Bayesian Estimation Methods
Sports Data Analytics
MATH 290, 298, 299
Mario Banuelos Recommendation Systems to Model Genomic Variation
Machine Learning Approaches for Endemic Diseases
Data Science for Social Impact
MATH 290, 298, 299
Mario Bencomo

Computational and Applied Mathematics
Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
Wave Propagation Problems
Inverse Problems

MATH 290, 298, 299
Michael Bishop Mathematical Physics
MATH 290, 298, 299
Lance Burger Mathematics Education MATH 290, 298
Carmen Caprau Category Theory
Knot Theory and its Ramification
Topological Graph Theory
MATH 290, 298, 299
Steve Chung Time Series Analysis MATH 290, 298
Stefaan Delcroix Group Theory MATH 290, 298
De Leon

Numerical Analysis
Applied Mathematics/
Mathematical Modeling

MATH 290, 298
de Souza
Fourier Analysis MATH 290, 298, 299 
Tamas Forgacs

Complex Analysis
Zero Distribution of Polynomial Sequences; Zero Locus Preserving Linear and Non-Linear Operators;
Multiplier Sequences (for theses)
Elementary Number Theory; Distribution of Very Triangular, Very Square, and Very trapezoidal numbers (for projects)

MATH 290, 298, 299
Katherine Kelm Abstract Algebra MATH 290
Yaomingxin Lu Mathematical teaching and learning
Problem Solving and Proving
Technology use in Teaching and Learning
Students' Productive Struggles
Inquiry-Based Learning
MATH 290, 298, 299
Marat Markin Functional Analysis
Operator Theory
MATH 290, 298, 299
Maria Nogin Discrete Mathematics
Geometry and Topology
Number Theory
MATH 290, 298, 299
Khang Tran Complex Analysis
Analytic Number Theory
Zero Distribution 
Hypergeometric and Basic Hypergeometric Series
MATH 290, 298, 299
Oscar Vega Combinatorics
Finite Geometry
Topological Graph Theory
MATH 290, 298, 299
Ke Wu Survival Analysis MATH 290, 298