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Department of Mathematics

Learning Community of Calculus Teachers

Supporting Local High School Calculus Teachers

This project will develop and support a learning community of current and future Calculus teachers from across the state, with heavy emphasis on the Central Valley, the region that is historically served by the San Joaquin Valley Mathematics Project (SJVMP). In this community, the participants will come together virtually to deepen their content knowledge, pedagogical ability, and discipline-specific literacy by working with the support of experienced classroom teachers and university faculty. The focus of the collaboration will be on Lesson Study-style lesson development during the summer, on formative assessment during the fall semester, and on learning community engagement of both teachers and their students year-round. Participants will develop and refine their instruction to meet student learning needs by developing, delivering, and disseminating lessons that are

● culturally relevant and/or social justice lessons;
● lessons that help to fill identified learning gaps;
● lessons that include real-world problem solving opportunities.

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Doctor Agnes TuskaAgnes Tuska
California State University, Fresno