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Department of Mathematics


Would you be interested in working on a research problem in mathematics or statistics under the supervision of a faculty member? Would you like to present the results of your research at a regional or national conference? This is all possible and has already been done by many undergraduate students in our department. If you are an undergraduate and think you might be interested in working on a research project, you are invited to contact the Undergraduate Research Committee (contact link below) to request an interview. Projects from the past have included topics from knot theory, game theory, graph theory, analysis, algebra and statistics.

And, congratulations to undergraduate Katherine Urabe whose poster ''On Legendre Multiplier Sequences'' was an Outstanding Presentation award winner at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Boston in January 2012. Katherine worked under the supervision of Dr. Tamas Forgacs.

The Department of Mathematics is expecting to award two research scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year. Each of these scholarships comes with a $3000 student stipend, and travel support to a conference, where the students will be presenting results of their research. Each awardee is expected to work on average 10 hours a week on the research project under the direction of a faculty member.

Eligibility: Fresno State mathematics undergraduate students in good standing are eligible to apply, as long as they will not matriculate before May, 2013.

Application process: A complete application consists of two parts:

  • (i) [written by the student] personal statement describing your interest in undergraduate research, and a short description of the research topic you want to explore
  • (ii) [written by sponsoring faculty] a 1-2 page description of the possible directions the project could take, with well defined research problems, and likely approaches.

In addition, a rough timeline of activities should be outlined, along with a conference where the student will present his/her work.

Deadline: Applications should be emailed to by April 21, 2012. In the subject line please put "AYResearch". Decisions on these awards will be made by May 11, 2012.

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