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Department of Mathematics

Math Field Day



Any school with grades 6-12 (or below) is eligible to participate. The number of students each school may register is not limited, though we reserve the right to limit participation if necessary due to logistical considerations.

There are 8 contests:

  • Mad Hatter 11-12 (individual, grades 11-12)
  • Mad Hatter 9-10 (individual, grades 9-10)
  • Mad Hatter 6-8 (individual, grades 6-8)
  • Leap Frog 11-12 (teams of 2 students, grades 11-12)
  • Leap Frog 9-10 (teams of 2 students, grades 9-10)
  • Leap Frog 6-8 (teams of 2 students, grades 6-8)
  • Game Tournament 9-12 (individual, grades 9-12)
  • Game Tournament 6-8 (individual, grades 6-8)

Each student may participate in only one contest. Top finishers in each contest will receive awards.

Also, schools will compete as teams. The competition is separate for high and middle schools, i.e. high schools will compete among themselves, and middle schools will compete among themselves.

A high school's team score is the sum of the school scores from each of the following contests: Mad Hatter 11-12, Mad Hatter 9-10, Leap Frog 11-12, Leap Frog 9-10, and Game Tournament 9-12.

A middle school's team score is the sum of the school scores from each of the following contests: Mad Hatter 6-8, Leap Frog 6-8, and Game Tournament 6-8.

A school's score in a contest is determined by the ranking of the top finisher from that school, relative to the ranking of the top finishers from each of the other schools entered in that contest. If n schools participate in a certain contest, then the school which finishes in the k-th place relative to the other schools shall receive 100( n-k+1)/ n points for the contest.

Top schools will also receive awards.

Since top individuals will be recognized, schools are encouraged to participate even if they do not have entrants in all contests. However, to maximize your chances of winning as a team you should try to enter at least one or two students in each contest appropriate for your school level (high or middle).