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Department of Mathematics

On-Ramp to STEM

  learning labOn-Ramp to STEM, a project funded by the California Education Learning Lab program, forms a partnership between Fresno State, Fresno City College, Clovis Community College, and University High School to improve learning outcomes in math courses, in particular college algebra and pre-calculus, by developing and implementing an open-source adaptive learning technology, and utilizing culturally responsive teaching pedagogy. We focus on algebra and pre-calculus because they represent important, foundational courses at the start of the STEM pathway. However, for many students, especially under-represented minorities and other first-generation or low-income students, these courses act as a roadblock; making it difficult for students to transition to a STEM major. Thus, we seek to transform the culture of learning in math classrooms so students achieve greater fluency and self-efficacy in mathematics that is required throughout the STEM disciplines. Our hope is to build a proverbial "on-ramp" that makes STEM more accessible and closes the achievement gaps among student populations in the San Joaquin Valley.

Check out this short video with more information: On-Ramp to STEM

Visit our website for more detailed information: On-Ramp to STEM

Meet our amazing Leadership Team and Key Personnel


Virtual Summer Workshop 2020

A professional development opportunity in the summer for math faculty who are currently or will be teaching algebra or pre-calculus. We are looking for your expertise and experience in developing concept maps and developing better questions that we can use in these classes.

To see our schedule click here: 2020 Virtual Summer Workshop Schedule


This is a great opportunity to be a part of this transformative change in algebra and pre-calculus courses. We are bringing in several experts in Question Writing and Culturally Responsive Teaching to lead the sessions. We hope you are interested in learning about these and willing to implement them in their own classes. Participants will:

  • Write fair and robust assessment questions that are culturally responsive and adaptable to different student backgrounds.

  • Learn about the development of an open-source adaptive learning system that puts students in the driver seat of their own learning.

  • Engage in meaningful discussions on Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT).

  • Develop class activities that promote a growth mindset and strengthen students' sense of belonging.


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