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Department of Mathematics

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Cohort 1 - Ready to join the Master’s in Mathematics program in Fall 2023


  • Receive $2000 from MSTI in year 1
  • Receive $10,000 each year as a salary supplement (Y2 -Y6)
  • Receive additional NOYCE and MSTI funds towards memberships and travel to conferences
  • Possibly receive tuition for master's degree classes in Y1 and/or Y2 from your school district
  • Receive Mentoring

Requirements: Y1&Y2 (follow cohort 2 activities years 3-6)

  • Complete M.S. in Mathematics degree in a timely manner
  • Attend SJVMP’s weekend Winter Leadership Retreat (Y1- Jan 26-27, 2024)
  • Attend the SJVMP Summer Leadership Institute (Y1 -June 22 – 30, 2024)
  • Bring a new teacher to the SJVMP Summer Leadership Institute (Y2 -Y6)

Cohort 1 (pursuing a master's degree) courses layout:

Cohort 1 teachers will take the following classes as a group to complete their master's requirements. Classes in red font will be virtual or have the possibility of being virtual or hybrid. Almost all the graduate level courses will be offered in the late afternoon or evening which can commentate on the participants’ teaching schedules.

Fall 2023 Spring 2024

Math 201: Cognition in Math Education (Virtual Synchronous)

Math 251: Abstract Algebra I

Math 291T: Numerical methods in applied mathematics

Math 291T: Quantitative Analysis (Hybrid)


Math 172: Intermediate Mathematical Analysis II

Fall 2024 Spring 2025

Math 200: Research Methods in Math Education (Virtual Synchronous)

Math 291T: Seminar (Virtual Synchronous)

Math 271: Real Analysis

Math 298/299: Project/Thesis in Mathematics (Hybrid)

Math 290: Independent Study (possibly start in the summer - Hybrid)



Master’s degree expenses:

These are based on spring 2023 Tuition and fees. For detailed expenses please use this link.
0-6 units (Part-time) - $2,805.50
7+units (Full-time) – $4,311.50

Application Deadline:

The priority application deadline is May 15, 2023
(Please contact the program director if you believe you fulfill the requirements but have major difficulties meeting the deadline.)

Please note: Application deadline for the graduate program is June 1, 2023. Graduate program in mathematics.

Application requirements:

  • Statement of interest with future goals for mathematics education
  • Essay about personal accomplishments
  • Recommendations from school districts/teacher leader
  • Undergraduate Transcripts