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Department of Psychology


This area provides helpful information for prospective and current Fresno State undergraduate students about the major in psychology. The links on the left hand side of this page lead to information about requirements or the major, special degree programs and suggested course pathways through the major.

You may also be interested in reading a list of departmental objectives that have been outlined for Psychology majors. You can read these objectives in this file (pdf).

Although you will find answers to many of your questions here this information should be used only as a supplement to the Fresno State General Catalog. The Psychology Department strongly encourages you to seek academic advising if you have any questions or concerns about your academic career. Plan to consult your academic advisor at least once a semester. The office is open throughout the year.

Suggested Course Path

The outline pages linked below provide suggestions for how to structure your academic program during your time at Fresno State. These suggestions are presented in a chronological format to help you identify remaining steps for completing the degree requirements. For career-oriented students and students who intend to apply to graduate school, additional items are included and marked with an asterisk (*). Following these suggestions may help make you a more competitive applicant for employment or graduate school. 

Any questions regarding the outlines can be directed to the Psychology Advising Office. In fact, we recommend you seek academic advising at least once a semester and more often if you are considering graduate training. See the inside of the front cover for the telephone numbers and locations of listed resources. See the “Suggested Pattern of Study for the Pre-Psychology and Psychology major” for recommendations regarding course sequencing: Catalog years through 1998-1999 are in green, catalog year 1999-2000 is in goldenrod, catalog year 2000-2001 is in blue, and catalog years 2001-present are in pink. 

* Indicates items of special interest to career-oriented students who intend to pursue graduate training.

Course Path Links