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Department of Psychology

Freshman Year:

  1. Make an appointment with an adviser to discuss course and career preparation by calling the Psychology Department Office at (559) 278-2691 or stopping by the office in S2 312.
  2. Complete any remedial English or Math requirements immediately.
  3. Take courses that meet the lower-division requirements of GENERAL EDUCATION. (GE handouts are available in the Psychology Department Office, S2 312).
  4. Take Psych 10 (Introduction to Psychology) your second semester.
  5. Look into the Career Development and Employment Service. This service allows the student to explore possible career interests and to implement a work study program while pursuing a degree. A handout describing volunteer opportunities is available in the Psychology Advising Office.  Having had volunteer experiences can be helpful later when you apply for jobs.
  6. Attend job information fairs held on campus (check Career Services Calenar of Events for more information).
  7. *Join PSU (Psychology Student Union).  The form (PSI CHI application) can be found in the Psychology Department Office, S2 312.
  8. *Attend all Psychology Department colloquia.