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Psychology Advising

Psychology Undergraduate Advising

The Psychology Department has a team of highly-trained advisors who offer a wide range of advising services.

Advising includes a review of Degree Progress Reports, general education requirements, psychology major requirements, and all other graduation requirements. We also advise on course selections, career paths, graduate school options, research opportunities, volunteer opportunities, student support, undergraduate programs, and psychology minor options. 

Other Advising Resources

Psychology Major Overview

If your question is not answered from this site, please email, visit the Psychology Office (Room 312, Science 2) or call 559.278.2691. Keep in mind that all psychology majors MUST meet with an advisor at least once as part of graduation requirements. We strongly suggest, however, that you meet with a Psychology advisor at least once per academic year.

Advising Requirement

All students MUST have at least one formal advising session with a Psychology advisor. If you do not see an advisor, you will receive an email from the University once you complete 60 units informing you that are in danger of being disallowed from registering for classes. Once you reach 75 total units, you will not be able to register for classes unless you have seen a Psychology advisor. It is in your best interest to see an advisor on a regular basis. If nothing else, the advisor can verify that you are satisfactorily making progress towards graduation.


Psychology Advising

For questions about the following Psychology major/minor topics, contact the Psychology Advising office at

  • Change or Declaration of Major into Psychology
  • Add a Double Major or Minor in Psychology
  •  Memos or requests for substitution/articulation of Psychology major/minor courses
  •  Transfer Holds, Mandatory Advising 1 Warnings or Mandatory Advising 2 Holds
  •  Review of major requirements, degree requirements, and Degree Progress Reports
  •  Graduation preparation
  •  Career and graduate program options
  •  Graduate school preparation and how to apply for graduate school

To request an appointment with a Psychology Advisor

Please contact the following:

  • The Psychology Department at 559.278.2691 or visit the office in Science 2, room 312.
  • Zoom and in person appointments available. No walk-ins.

When requesting an appointment, please provide the following information:

  • Full name and ID number
  • Reason for meeting with an advisor
  • Call back number in case of any issues
  • All availability for Zoom session and/or preferred Advisor

If you have a question that can be answered through email and don't need an appointment, email your question to Emails must be sent from your Fresno State email and include your ID# in the text if you are a current student. 

Note that during busy times of the semester it may take a few days for us to respond to your request. We will respond as quickly as possible, but please be patient and refrain from sending multiple emails. We respond to the oldest emails first; sending a new email moves you to the end of the line.

Other advising resources

CSM Advising and Resources Center (ARC)

Services provided:

  •  Degree and GE requirements
  •  Registration assistance
  •  Dog Days orientation
  •  Holds lifted: Second Semester Freshman (FT3), Probation, Super Senior
  •  My Degree Plan (MDP) preparation
  •  Community Service opportunities
  •  California Promise Program
     Pre-professional advising

University Advising Center

Services provided:

  • Study abroad approval for GE courses and degree requirements
  • Academic petitions for substitutions or waivers of GE and degree requirements
  • Returning students
  • Academic disqualification
  • Academic probation