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Psychology Advising

Psychology Department Awards & Scholarships

Please speak to any Psychology faculty member who might support your application for any of these department awards.

The Dean's Medalist and The Graduate Dean's Medalist

These are University-wide awards granted to outstanding undergraduate degree and graduate degree candidates and honored at the graduation ceremonies. This award requires a minimum overall 3.5 GPA. The student must have made an outstanding contribution to the school through achievements in his/her field of study and other pursuits. We submit our nomination to the Dean of Science and Mathematics and to the Graduate Dean. The student competes with other students in the college.

Outstanding Student/Psychology Department – Graduate and Undergraduate

Each year we designate a graduating psychology major and a graduating Ed. S, M.A. or M.S. student who have a very high GPA and who have contributed to the department and community as our “outstanding students.” The students are recognized at the College of Science and Mathematics assembly meeting in the spring. These students “compete” with other undergraduate and graduate students for the outstanding student in the College of Science and Mathematics.

This scholarship is to be awarded to the entering senior undergraduate student who is selected by the department as the outstanding academic scholar based on academic record and achievement through the junior year. One student from each department in the College of Science and Mathematics receives this scholarship for $2000 and must have submitted a scholarship application. The student is recognized at the College of Science and Mathematics assembly meeting in the spring.

An endowment fund established by the family and friends of Roger Bailey. One scholarship is given to a graduate student who is pursuing a degree in Psychology or Counseling. To be eligible to receive the moneys from this fund, this person must submit a scholarship application.

From the estate of Vivian I. Pickford, scholarships for Psychology students. Students must submit a scholarship application. About 10-12 scholarships are awarded annually. Historically, we have given these scholarships to continuing upper division undergraduate students and graduate students.


Lee J. Cronbach Scholarship

This award goes to a full-time undergraduate or graduate student. The student must have a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.5 earned over the last two years of academic instruction and must demonstrate a strong interest and ability in research involving psychological measurement methods used in psychological research. To be eligible, students must submit a scholarship application.

An endowed scholarship established by Milton J. Lindner to benefit any deserving undergraduate/graduate student pursuing a course of study in the sciences under the auspices of the California State University, Fresno, College of Science and Mathematics. Two students are selected from the College. A scholarship application is required.


An endowed scholarship established on behalf of Ibrahim M. Abou-Ghorra to be used for scholarships for continuing part- or full-time students in the College of Science and Mathematics. It may be awarded to one or more students from the college and was worth $2000 the first year available (2008-2009). Students are selected on the basis of financial need and merit. Scholarship application required.

An endowed scholarship established by Neva W. Hollister to be used for scholarships for upper division continuing students in the College of Science and Mathematics. One person from the College is selected. Scholarship application required.

This award recognizes outstanding academic performance in a student who has returned to the university to continue her/his education. The awardee's name is added to a plaque.

This award goes to a psychology student, traditionally a graduating senior, who has diverse interests and who excels at many things. It is given in honor of our own, dear, colleague, Alan Dewitt Button, who continued to demonstrate well beyond his retirement just what it means to be a renaissance man.

This scholarship will be awarded to 'first generation student' who is a first year graduate student in psychology. The selected student will demonstrate both excellent scholarship and significant service to the university or community. Preference will be given to those who are seeking to work or do research with children. This $500 award is funded annually by the Central California Autism Center in memory of Janet Cisneros, who was a vital staff member in the center for over three years and a graduate student in the School Psychology program at Fresno State until her untimely death in December, 2011.

History (from Alan Button): Wayne Holder started it all off during Ed's lifetime, in 1973, to commemorate his long and productive life of service to us, by canvassing town and gown for donations.....Ed (1898-1975) joined the faculty in 1927, immediately after earning his doctorate at UC, Berkeley (where he and my father were fraternity brothers!) In 1946, when psychology became a separate department, he was named its first chairman, which position he held for the next 20 years until his retirement in 1966.

These are perhaps the most prestigious awards given by the department. The scholarship is to be split between two outstanding undergraduate students – one male and one female. Each student should have the potential to make a contribution to the field of psychology, and, in Ed Tenney's words, be possessed of a "rich and differentiated" personality. No scholarship application is required for this award and the student may be graduating.

Certificate awarded to all graduating seniors with a GPA of 3.5 and above. Named in honor of deceased colleague Dr. Mitri Shanab noted for his rigorous research and high academic standards.

 (Presented by School Psychology)

(nominations submitted to the graduate committee)

If you have a graduate degree candidate who completed and submitted a thesis during the summer or fall terms of 2010 or will complete a thesis by the spring 2011 semester deadline, you may nominate this person for the Outstanding Thesis Award. The dean of the Division of Graduate Studies presents the winner with a plaque and a check for $1000 at the Hooding Ceremony. The nomination packet is available online at

In addition to academic performance, contributions to campus and community, publications, or unique personal or cultural challenges that the student has overcome to persevere and excel should be considered. Nominees may include students, who graduated in summer, fall, or who will be graduating at the end of spring.

Application forms are available at: copies of the forms are available at Study Abroad and International Exchanges, Family/Food Sciences Room 111, or at International Student Services and Programs, Joyal Room 211.