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Psychology Advising

Frequently Asked Questions

If your catalog is 2002-2003 to present, you need 120 units MINIMUM to graduate. There are NO exceptions to this. If your catalog is previous to 2002-2003, you need at least 124 units to graduate.

Before becoming a Psychology major, you must complete the four courses in the core curriculum. These courses are Psych 10, Psych 42, Psych 63 and Psych 144. Before you complete these courses (with a C or better) you are considered a "pre-psychology" major and cannot take restricted courses in the Psychology major pattern. After completion of these core courses (and once you complete the appropriate paperwork), your status changes to Psychology major and you are able to take any courses throughout the major.

If your financial aid period has expired and you are petitioning to continue financial aid, you must see the Psychology Faculty Advisor. Please make an appointment with Dr. Jean Millar by contacting the Psychology Office at 278-2691. Be sure to bring all appropriate paperwork, including your petition letter, to your advising meeting.

The answer is absolutely positively yes. You may contact the undergraduate advisor, Dr. Jean Millar, by email at 

Oftentimes courses will automatically transfer to Fresno State. A great resource to see if your course will transfer is If your course does not automatically transfer (or you are not sure), make an appointment with a Psychology advisor. The advisor will forward any petition to the Psychology Faculty advisor if needed. The Faculty advisor will then review your petition and determine whether course(s) will count toward Psychology Major Requirements. For General Education petitions, please see the Office of Advising 

In the past students would go to General Advising for questions regarding non-Psychology graduation requirements. Presently, all students that are part of the College of Science and Mathematics are to see an advisor at the Academic and Resources Center (ARC) for these types of questions. To make an appointment with an ARC advisor, click here for more information