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Department of Psychology

JUNIOR YEAR: 1st Semester:

  1. Complete any remaining lower division G.E. requirements and begin working on the upper-division GE requirements no sooner than the semester in which you will complete 60 units.
  2. Finish Pre-Psychology core requirements if you haven't already done so, and apply for Psychology Major status (Psychology Advisors will give you the paperwork during their presentation in your Psych 144 class).
  3. If you have Psychology Major status begin taking courses from the restricted/advanced areas of the major such as Advanced Applications, Content and Processes, and any remaining courses from Applications and Basic Knowledge and Skills.
  4. Begin or continue taking courses in your minor and/or a certificate program.
  5. Take the UDWE (Upper Division Writing Exam) or a "W" course such as English 160W as soon as possible once you have completed 60 units.
  6. Apply for a scholarship.
  7. Continue to attend job fairs.
  8. * Join PSI CHI/PSU if you have not already done so.
  9. * Join a national and/or regional psychological association (e.g., APA, APS, and WPA).
  10. * Continue with research.
  11. * Prepare for the GRE - General Test. There are many ways this can be accomplished. Probably the cheapest and most comprehensive way is to purchase the study materials available from ETS (Educational Testing Service) and familiarize yourself with the test items and test construction.
  12. * Pick up a GRE BULLETIN for test dates and registration procedures in the Testing Office or visit the website at
  13. *In order to meet most graduate level program deadlines you will need to take both the GRE GENERAL and SUBJECT TEST before graduate school application deadlines.
    Note: You may wish to take the GRE - GENERAL TEST during your Junior year or during the summer between your Junior and Senior years. The GRE - GENERAL TEST should be taken first and is available only on computer. Take the subject test in the fall of your senior year.

JUNIOR YEAR: 2nd Semester

  1. Continue taking courses from the restricted/advanced areas of the major.
  2. Finish any additional GENERAL EDUCATION component requirements.
  3. If you did not pass the UDWE, take a "W" series course.
  4. * Continue with research.
  5. * Look into applying for the Psychology Honors Program. This program will help you to develop your "own" research ideas. For more information about the honors program prerequisites please see Dr. Lorin Lachs.