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Department of Biology

Student Handbook

Welcome to the Master's Program in Biology at California State University, Fresno. The Biology Master's Program at Fresno State is a full time program designed to enhance completion in 24 months. Students who have many prerequisites to complete, work part-time, or have other time consuming activities may need more time to complete the program.

This Student Handbook is designed to provide information to assist students in completing the program. Students are cautioned that they are responsible for their individual program. Students are responsible for turning in paperwork in a timely manner, attending program meetings, knowing the requirements for each step in the program, and meeting Graduate Division and Program deadlines. At all points in their course of study, students are encouraged to consult with the Biology Program Graduate Coordinator and the Biology Faculty.

The content of this student handbook includes:

  • Guidelines: Describes the ten steps required for graduation and provides an example of a plan of study.
  • Classification: Describes the process of attaining classified status and discusses the Biology Skill testing required of all students.
  • Prerequisites: Describes how students, who are admitted lacking one or more prerequisites, complete those courses.
  • Courses: Describes courses in the Biology Program.
  • Writing Requirement: Describes how the program meets the Graduate Division writing requirement and provides a rubric for how the writing sample is assessed.
  • Advancement to Candidacy: Describes the requirements for advancing to candidacy and the process of advancing. Includes instructions for the short thesis/project proposal.
  • Thesis: Describes the requirements to fulfill the thesis option of the program.
  • Financial Information: Provides links to program costs and information about scholarships.

Graduate students are considered professionals. We encourage each student to meet this challenge and act in a professional manner. This includes being prepared for classes and research activities, taking initiative in ones work, maintaining the standards of scientific integrity, taking responsibility for ones speech and actions, being dependable (being on time, meeting deadlines....), and interacting with students and faculty in a professional and collegial manner.