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Department of Biology


There are nine steps required to complete this program. The order of some of the steps is flexible, but, each step must be completed. For example, students may complete all electives and/or prerequisites before advancing to candidacy or project research may begin at any time and may be finished before the internship. The order of other steps is not flexible. Please consult with your faculty mentor and Graduate Coordinator as you plan your program.

Completion of the Master's in Biology program involves ten steps.

  1. Admission by the University to the Graduate School and to the Biology Program.
  2. Classification as a Biology graduate student. (Must complete the first semester.)
  3. Completion of Core Courses.
  4. Completion of the Graduate Writing Requirement.
  5. Advancement to Candidacy. (Must have completed steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 first.)
  6. Completion of Elective Courses
  7. Completion of Prerequisite Courses
  8. Completion of a Thesis. (Must have completed step 5 to enroll in thesis or project units.)
  9. Granting of the degree occurs on the satisfactory completion of all coursework, submission and satisfactory defense of a thesis or project, and all other requirements. Must have completed all steps before graduation.

Plan of Study

Below we have provided a suggested plan of study for optimally completing the program in two years. Students must complete core courses and the writing requirement before Advancing to Candidacy. Students should consult with program advisors frequently to ensure timely completion of the program. Please note there are many required actions that are not affiliated with a course, but the completion of these actions is essential for graduation. Each item is described in more detail on this web site.