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Department of Biology

Seminars and Events

Students at the rim of the Grand Canyon

Students gathering plant specimens

Fridays at 3:00-4:00 PM online  (unless otherwise noted)

All talks are open to the public. Upcoming speakers and their topics are listed below. Please click on the seminar titles for further details. If you have any questions or comments, please email the coordinator or call the Department of Biology at 559•278•2001. For other public science lectures, please check out the Central Valley Café Scientifique.

Colloquium Speakers
Date Speaker Topic Institution
01/21/2022 --- Introduction & Orientation ---
01/28/2022 Dr. Scott Colborne Using biotelemetry to inform ecology and conservation of sturgeon: Examples from the Great Lakes and Sacramento River University of California, Davis
02/04/2022 Dr. Paul George Anthropogenic change & microbes: consequences for diversity and ecosystem services

Département de médecine moléculaire
Université Laval
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

02/11/2022 No speaker  --- ---
02/18/2022 Faculty Candidate --- ---
02/25/2022 Faculty Candidate --- ---
03/04/2022 Dr. Christopher Willett Breakdowns in mitochondrial-nuclear coadaptation and odd mtDNA inheritance in an intertidal copepod University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
03/11/2022 Dr. Sheryl Magzamen In the Mix: Environmental and Chemical Pollutants and Respiratory Health Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
03/18/2022 Dr. Steve Blumenshine Lake Constance (Germany) food web impacts by trophic state, climate change, and invasive species California State University, Fresno, Department of Biology; Director, Research and Education Div., California Water Institute
03/25/2022 Dr. Sarah Guindre-Parker Do glucocorticoids help birds cope with environmental challenges? Kennesaw State University
04/01/2022 Anthony Snead Stranded within the Intertidal: Species-Specific Responses to Environmental Change The University of Alabama
04/08/2022 Dr. Diego Calderon The continuum of Drosophila embryonic development at single cell resolution The University of Washington
04/15/2022 ---   SPRING BREAK ---
04/22/2022 Dr. Cori Cahoon SYPrisingly separable functions of chromosome structures during egg and sperm development The University of Oregon
04/29/2022 Dr. Reade Roberts What happens when a species has more than one set of sex chromosomes? North Carolina State University
05/06/2022 Dr. Joel Slade Parasite-mediated selection and constitutive innate immunity in songbirds California State University, Fresno


Graduate students in the Biology and Biotechnology Masters programs present their thesis research in a culminating Thesis Exit Seminar to the department's faculty and students.

Spring 2022 Exit Seminars
Date  Speaker Title Time & Location
3/2/2022 Angham Ahmed Non-canonical Antigen Recognition by Camelid VHH Specific for the Virulence Factor Intimin 9:00 AM in S141
3/18/2022 Nicholas Putnam Mitochondrial Inhibitors Ethidium Bromide and Antimycin-A Induce TNTs in Hela cells Independent of Myosin-X 12:30 PM on Zoom
4/4/2022 Micah Johnson Exploring the Influence of a Values Affirmation Intervention on Student Success in Introductory STEM Courses 2:00 PM on Zoom
4/25/2022 Saloni Karnwal Role of Cancer Glycosylation on Antibody Binding to MUC16 11:00 AM in S2-307
4/26/2022 Vanessa Valencia Assessing Virulence Factors and Resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa After Gene Inactivation 11:30 AM on Zoom
4/29/2022 Antion Beckwith

Investigating Novice Science Teachers' Understanding and Enactment of Students' Funds of Knowledge to Support NGSS-Aligned Instruction

4:00 PM on Zoom
5/3/2022 Sandy Vue The Interaction and Behavior of Drosophila melanogaster with DEET analogs 2:00 PM on Zoom
5/4/2022 Reece Riley A Phylogeny of the Western North American Wildflower Genus Helianthella

3:00 PM on Zoom

5/5/2022 Thelmalyn Montenegro The Systematics of North American Rhizopogon Using Modern Molecular Techniques

9:00 AM on Zoom

5/5/2022 Nicole DeRoche The effects of COVID-19 and the 2020 park closure on bat activity and species presence in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

4:00 PM on Zoom
and in S139

5/6/2022 Cha Kong Meng Thao Native shrubs (Ephedra californica) facilitate thermoregulation by endangered blunt-nosed leopard lizards (Gambelia sila) 12:00 PM on Zoom
5/6/2022 Amanda Rea The Importance of Two F-Helix Residues Thr182 and Val183 in the Transcriptional Regulatory Activity of cAMP Receptor Protein from Escherichia coli 4:00 PM on Zoom
5/9/2022 Alexander Lopez Origins of Amaranthus tuberculatus (Waterhemp) in Central Valley Agroecosystems: A Population Genetics Approach Using Genotyping-By Sequencing 9:00 AM on Zoom
5/9/2022 Taylor Langdon Insect Navigation and Cue Perception in the Western Harvester Ant, Pogonomyrmex occidentalis 4:30 PM in S141
5/10/2022 Josue Duque Population Genomics of the Native and Invaded California Range of Palmer Amaranth (Amaranth palmeri) 11:00 AM on Zoom
5/10/2022 Joanna de la Pena Determine Saccade-like Turn Development During the Establishment of Visually Guided Routes in Pogonomyrmex occidentalis 2:00 PM on Zoom
5/11/2022 Korenna Estes Assessing the Effects of Presenilin-1 Knockdown on Longevity, Learning, and Memory in Drosophila melanogaster model of Alzheimer’s Disease

1:00 PM on Zoom
and in S147

5/11/2022 Claudia Nayares Behavioral Deficits in Drosophila melanogaster with Mild Cognitive Impairment 2:00 PM on Zoom

More information coming soon!