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Department of Biology

Seminars and Events

Students at the rim of the Grand Canyon

Students gathering plant specimens

Fridays 3:00-4:00 PM in MCL161  (unless otherwise noted)

All talks are open to the public. Upcoming speakers and their topics are listed below. Please click on the seminar titles for further details. If you have any questions or comments, please email the coordinator or call the Department of Biology at 559•278•2001. For other public science lectures, please check out the Central Valley Café Scientifique.

Colloquium Speakers
Date Speaker Topic Institution
01/20/23 --- Introduction & Orientation ---

Candidate Seminar

Broken clocks and racing thoughts: mechanisms regulating sleep and wake ---
02/01/23 Candidate Seminar Fish Scale Development: A novel and exceptionally tractable model system for Investigating Cell Signaling and Morphogenesis ---
02/03/23 Dr. Alija Mujic & Danielle Sublett

Cortinarius and Conservation: An exploration of fungal diversity in the Sierra Nevada Foothills

Fresno State University
02/10/23 Dr. Ryan Holly Enabling the next generation of drug discovery: Tools to assess degrader efficiency and the functional consequences of protein degradation Thermo Fisher Scientific
02/15/23 Candidate Seminar Understanding the regulation and function of RNA tailing in reproductive and developmental biology  ---
02/17/23 Candidate Seminar BRCA2, One Small Step for DNA Repair, One Giant Protein Purified ---
02/22/23 Candidate Seminat Evolution at the interface of host microbe interactions ---
02/24/23 Candidate Seminar Understanding microbial community function in plant and human hosts: A focus on fungi and the mycobiome ---
02/27/23 Candidate Seminar Thyroid Hormone Synthesis in Thyroglobulin: Physiology and Disease ---
03/01/23 Candidate Seminar Microbe-Metal Interactions: Life in a Nuclear Waste-Contaminated Subsurface Environment ---

Javier Almaguer
Aisha Furgan

Kate Ludwig

Career Panel Q&A: Non-academic

Natera & Pakistani Society of Medical Genetics
USDA Forest Service

03/06/23 Candidate Seminar Next-Generation Antibiotics: Innovative Ways to Fight Bacteria ---
03/10/23 Dr. Joel Slade & Esther Fernandez The role of parasites and migratory behavior on songbird immunogenetics Fresno State University
03/17/23 Dr. Lisa Whitenack Sharks & Recreation: The links between shark science and pop culture Allegheny College
03/24/23 Dr. Hwan Youn & Marcus Carranza cAMP activation of the cAMP receptor protein, a model bacterial transcription factor Fresno State University
03/31/23 Cesar Chavez Holiday    
04/07/23 Spring Break    
04/14/23 Dr. Kevin Amses (Uehling Lab)   Oregon State University
04/21/23 Dr. Alison Gould   California Academy of Sciences
04/28/23 Dr. Katherine Xue (Relman & Petrov)   Standford University
05/05/23 Dr. Katherine Waselkov & Kristine Fajardo   Fresno State University 


Graduate students in the Biology and Biotechnology Masters programs present their thesis research in a culminating Thesis Exit Seminar to the department's faculty and students.

Fall 2022 Exit Seminars
Date  Speaker Title Time & Location
02/06/23 Zita Sarkozi Using CRISPR to test gene products as possible targets of chalcones in Caenorhabditis elegans

2:00 PM


More information coming soon!