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Department of Biology

Classified Admission

Students are admitted to the program as classified or conditional. When a student is admitted, their status (classified or conditional) is designated. If conditional, the courses required to become classified are indicated.

  • Students who are admitted as a classified student do not have any requirements to complete for classification.
  • Students who are admitted conditionally usually need to take one or more courses to become classified.
  • The Biology MS Program expects that all students will complete the courses to become classified their first semester.
  • If you were admitted conditionally, work with the graduate coordinator to ensure your plan of study will allow this to happen.
  • Questions about your specific requirements and how to complete them should be directed to the graduate coordinator.


  1. A maximum of 10 units taken prior to attaining classified standing may be applied toward the master's degree program of courses. This includes transfer and post baccalaureate units.
  2. Course work must be completed as indicated on the student's admission form. Prerequisite courses and other courses required for classification may not be applied to the graduate program requirements.
  3. Students must work with the graduate coordinator for the swift completion of any requirements. Students are expected to complete the work for classification the first semester of study.
  4. Conditional graduate students must notify the graduate coordinator that they have completed the requirements to become classified. The graduate coordinator will file a Notice of Classified Standing with the Graduate Division.