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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

MS Program Prerequisites

Before being fully admitted to the MS Chemistry program, each student must demonstrate competency in the following four areas of Chemistry:

  1. Physical Chemistry
  2. Organic Chemistry
  3. Analytical Chemistry
  4. Biochemistry OR Inorganic Chemistry.

Sudents who obtained an A or B in the appropriate courses at Fresno State (CHEM 110A for Physical Chemistry; CHEM 128A for Organic Chemistry; CHEM 106 for Analytical Chemistry; CHEM 155 for Biochemistry; CHEM 123 for Inorganic Chemistry) in the 2 years prior to admission to the graduate program are considered to have satisfied the admission requirements in these areas. Equivalent courses taken at other institutions may be acceptable provided that they were completed in the two years prior to admission to the graduate program.

Students who do not satisfy some or all of the prerequisites in this way must EITHER:

  1. Pass the Diagnostic Placement Exam in the appropriate area(s). The department uses American Chemical Society tests for these exams.
  2. Pass the corresponding undergraduate course(s) with a B or better.

Students may be conditionally admitted to the program prior to satisfying the pre-requisites. However, all students must meet these requirements in order to graduate.