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Department of Biology

Department of Biology Research

Research by Discipline

Environmental, Evolutionary and Ecological Systems

These fields of science strive to understand basic mechanistic processes at scales from within ecosystems to the entire globe and provide a framework for investigating aspects of human-accelerated environmental change, including climate change, acid deposition, eutrophication, land-use change, the impacts of invasive species, and loss of native biodiversity. 


Physiological, Behavioral and Developmental Systems

This research comprises faculty and students interested in understanding the processes and mechanisms of developmental change, from infancy through adolescence. We seek to understand change over both short and long timescales, and how interactions at all levels of the developing system produce change.We represent a broad range of theoretical viewpoints, including embodiment, connectionism, ecological psychology, and developmental systems theory. 


Molecular, Cellular and Genetic Systems

This discipline aims to educate and train students to make paradigm-shifting discoveries in a diverse range of disciplines, including molecular biology, cell biology, genomics and quantitative biology, stem cells and developmental biology, cancer biology and human disease modeling. Our research emphasizes interdisciplinary training and collaborative research using cutting-edge technologies.