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Department of Psychology

Shapiro, Martin

Dr. Shapiro

Phone: (559)278-2358
Location: Science II Bldg., Rm. 359

My primary interests are in learning, decision making and neuroscience. For a long time my research has focused on animal behavior and animal learning. More recently I have been focused primarily around the area of risky decision making and confidence in humans. We have developed different computer tasks that test memory and gambling decisions based on a person’s confidence in success. In our electroencephalography lab, we are looking at different event-related potentials that correlate with choices made on these tasks. We have also established a psychophysiology lab using equipment from BIOPAC to measure different stress responses such as heart rate, galvanic skin response and muscle activity (EMG) when people are making risky decisions.  Finally, some students and I are testing Brain-Computer Interface equipment by Emotiv that allows participants to learn to move objects on a computer screen by controlling specific brainwaves using a modified EEG cap and biofeedback. I feel it is extremely important to provide students with opportunities to involve themselves in the experience of research.      

California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo  BS
California State University, Humboldt  MA
University of Hawaii, Manoa  MA
University of Hawaii, Manoa  PhD
Oxford University  Postdoctoral Fellowship

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