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Department of Psychology

The Pre-M.B.A. Psychology major option is intended for students who wish to combine comprehensive training in the field of psychology with coursework preparing them for jobs in business and/or future graduate training in business administration. The option is aimed at two groups of students: Students who wish to complete a major in psychology, while at the same time prepare for jobs in business, industry, and government that emphasize both psychology and business skills upon completion of their B.A. degree. Psychology majors who wish to enter an M.B.A. or other business-related graduate program upon completion of their B.A. degree. The option is designed to allow these “Pre-M.B.A.” students to complete many or all of the prerequisite courses required by typical M.B.A. programs, and all of those in the Craig program at Fresno State. The option is especially designed for psychology majors who wish to apply to the Craig M.B.A. program at CSU, Fresno. By completing the requirements of the pre-business option, students will be allowed to waive all of the Group 1 coursework usually required for the M.B.A. degree at CSU, Fresno. Furthermore, students who maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4 over their last 60 units and in the pre-business psychology major, and receive a score of 570 on the GMAT, will be guaranteed admission into the Craig M.B.A. program at Fresno State. It should be noted that, although these minimum scores guarantee admission, students not meeting these requirements will also be considered and are encouraged to apply.

Course requirements for students using the CSU, Fresno 2000-2001 General Catalog are as follows:
Pre-M.B.A. Major Option Units
Major option requirements 59 units
Core Courses (all required):
Psych 10, 42, 144 (11-13)
B. Basic Knowledge and Skills (select 1):
Psych 145 or IS 50 and (select 1):
Psych 36, 60T, or 166 (5-6)
C/D. Applications:
Mktg 100 and Mgt 104; -or- Mgt 110 (6)
E. Advanced Content (select 2)
Psych 150T, 154, 155, 156 (6-8)
F. Advanced Processes (select 2)
Psych 120T, 121, 122, 124, 125, 128 (6-8)
G. Integration:
Psych 182 (4)
H. Psychology Electives (if desired)
I. Additional pre-business requirements (all required)
Econ 40, 50, Acct 4A, Fin 120, BA 174, Mgt 124 (20)
General Education (51 units)