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Department of Psychology

General Overview of Graduate Programs

We offer three graduate degree options in our department: a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree with one of two specialties, or a Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree.

There are two Masters of Arts (M.A.) program, General/ Experimental Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The M.A. General/ Experimental program is geared towards individuals who intend to eventually pursue a doctoral degree at another university, pursue a career in research analysis, or teach at a community college level; this program requires 30 units. The Applied Behavior Analysis program allows students to meet coursework and experience requirements for national certification as behavior analysts; this program requires 44 units.

The Ed.S. program has an emphasis in School Psychology; this program requires 76 units and prepares students to obtain the Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) credential in School Psychology.

Psychology Masters Degree Options  
Masters of Arts, General/ Experimental program
30 units, 2 years
Designed for prospective doctoral students or community college instructors
Masters of Arts, Applied Behavior Analysis program
44 units, 2 years
Path to national certification as a behavior analyst
Educational Specialist in School Psychology
76 units, 3 years
Designed for prospective school psychologists

Other Fresno State Masters Options

Note that the contemporary practice of clinical psychology in California and most other states requires a doctoral degree (Ph.D. or Psy.D., or equivalent) along with additional supervised training and experience. Those considering the Master of Arts General/ Experimental option who intend to gain entry into the human services job market should also investigate career options available through California State University Fresno’s Department of Social Work Education (559-278-3992) and/or the Department of Counseling, Special Education, and Rehabilitation (559-278-0340).