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Department of Psychology

Undergrad Prerequisites

The following courses are part of the undergraduate psychology major at California State University, Fresno. It is recommended, but not required, that students from other institutions or those holding a bachelor's degree in areas other than psychology should complete the following courses or their equivalents. Students who have not taken these course may still apply and will still be considered for acceptance into our program.  

Applications: One course from the following:
Clinical Processes Psych 162
Abnormal Psychology Psych 166
Psychological Aspects of Physical Disability Psych 169
Environmental Psychology Psych 173
Family Counseling Psych 175
Industrial Psychology Psych 176
Behavior Modification Psych 177

Basic Content: One course from the following:
Personality Psych 154
Developmental Psychology Psych 155
Social Psychology Psych 156
Culture, Social Class & Development Psych 178
History and Systems Psych 182

Basic Processes: One course from the following:
Learning and Memory Psych 121
Motivation Psych 122
Sensation and Perception Psych 124
Physiological Psychology Psych 125
Cognitive Psychology Psych 128

Assessment: All the following courses:
Introduction to Statistics Psych 42
Research Methods Psych 144

Highly Recommended:
Intermediate Statistics Psych 143