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Department of Psychology

Example Program of Study

Year Fall Spring


Psych 244 Measurement & Stats*

Psych 288 Advanced ABA

Psych 255T Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues

Psych 268 Practicum 

12 units

Psych 245 Research Methods in ABA

Psych 289 Functional Assessment  

Psych 268 Practicum   

Independent study (w/thesis adv)

9-13 units


Psych 221 Advanced Learning

Psych 271 Community Interventions

Psych 220T ABA in Org and Systems

Psych 268 Practicum

12 units

Psych 223 Verbal Behavior

Psych 268 Practicum

Psych 255T Philosophy

Independent study/ thesis units

8-12 units

 course grid

*Department requirement and includes the department writing exam.