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Department of Psychology


Graduate Mission:  Ed.S. 

The School Psychology Program at CaliforniaStateUniversity, Fresno is dedicated to preparing highly competent professional psychologists according to the scientist practitioner model.  Graduates, as a result of their broad-based training, are prepared to make significant contributions to this challenging field through professional practice.

Graduate Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

The California State University, Fresno School Psychology Program has adopted a scientist–practitioner model with an emphasis on problem-solving.  At the completion to the program candidates are expected to be able to:

  1. Operate within a scientist-practitioner framework by using the scientific method and research to guide practice and demonstrate accountability.
  2. Demonstrate respect for and sensitivity to cultural and individual differences.
  3. Deliver school psychological services from a consultation framework with an emphasis on problem-solving to prevent and remediate learning and adjustment problems experienced by children and youth.
  4. Link assessment methodologies to the development, implementation, and evaluation of research-based interventions.
  5. View problems from a systems/ecological perspective focusing on the child, family, school, and community.
  6. Demonstrate a theoretical and empirical basis for professional practice.
  7. Engage in evaluation of individual practice and school-based and/or community based programs.