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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry is the study of the physical principles that underlie chemical phenomena. This subject thus provides the basis for understanding all areas of chemistry, as well as other scientific disciplines including biology and geology. Physical chemistry is comprised of four subjects: quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, and kinetics.

Physical Chemistry Faculty
Name Rank
Otto Berg, Ph.D. Lecturer
Kristi Closser, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Alam Hasson, Ph.D. Professor
Morgan Hawker, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Krish Krishnan, Ph.D. Professor

The physical chemistry faculty are responsible for teaching the following department courses in physical chemistry as well as general chemistry courses.

Physical Chemistry Courses
Course Number Course Name
CHEM 108 Introductory Physical Chemistry
CHEM 110AB Physical Chemistry
CHEM 111 Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 112 Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM 211 Chemical Thermodynamics
CHEM 215 Quantum Chemistry
CHEM 240T Special Topics (including Atmospheric Chemistry and Biophysical Chemistry).