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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Pre-Pharmacy Advising at Fresno State

California State University, Fresno provides prepharmacy coursework to prepare a student for admission into a four-year pharmacy program. Admission to most pharmacy schools now requires a B+ average or better in a minimum of 60 semester units, including one year each of general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, calculus, biology, and English composition. Certain schools may have additional specified requirements. Majors that are most compatible with required classes are in the sciences, particularly biology and chemistry. The B.A. Chemistry degree is particular well suited for prepharmacy students since most of the required courses are already a part of this major. However, as long as the required preprofessional courses are completed, any major is acceptable. Although some students gain admission to pharmacy school after two or three years of undergraduate study, most students are not accepted until they have completed four years of college. Students, especially those without a high cumulative grade point average, should plan to graduate with a bachelor's degree before entering a pharmacy program. For further information, see a prepharmacy adviser and consult pharmacy school Web sites (

For more information visit the Fresno State Pre-Professional page.