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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Chemistry is to provide its students with educational opportunities and laboratory experiences (including independent research) to obtain modern and comprehensive chemical education and problem-solving skills required of them to succeed in their chosen careers as chemists, healthcare professionals, or educators.

Central to this mission is providing our students with an awareness of the contributions of chemistry towards their understanding of the natural environment, and to help them develop into lifetime learners.

Program Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Programs

The Chemistry Department will provide undergraduate students with:

  1. The chemistry knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences needed to succeed in science and teaching careers, graduate study, and professional schools.
  2. Opportunities for students to apply principles and concepts introduced in coursework to solve problems and answer questions in research and industrial settings.
  3. Quality, current, and relevant curriculum through meaningful, continuing, and evidence-based evaluation of student learning outcomes leading to thoughtful curriculum revisions and improvements.
  4. Curriculum, academic advising, and student support that lead to improved student graduation rates and reduced time-to-graduation.

Graduate Programs

The Chemistry Department will provide graduate students with high quality training for students preparing for: entry into doctoral programs or professional schools; careers in the private sector, state or federal laboratories; and teaching at the community college level. The program will:

  1. Provide students with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to be successful in modern academic, government and private sector laboratories.
  2. Provide students with research experiences that make meaningful contributions to the Chemical Sciences.
  3. Develop students into independent teacher-scholars that are capable of strengthening the quality of our undergraduate programs through teaching and research mentoring of undergraduates.
  4. Provide quality mentoring and advising to facilitate student success.