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Department of Biology

Biology Colloquium Archived


Fall 2020 Seminars:

Spring 2020 Seminars:

Fall 2019 Seminars:

  • August 30, 2019:  Prey capture in carnivorous plants.  Maxwell Hall (Dr. Ulrike Müller’s lab), Department of Biology, California State University, Fresno.

Spring 2019 Seminars:

Fall 2018 Seminars:

Spring 2018 Seminars:

Fall 2017 Seminars:

Spring 2017 Seminars:

 Fall 2016 Seminars:

Spring 2016 Seminars:

Fall 2015 Seminars:

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Fall 2014 Seminars:

Spring 2014 seminars:

  • February 12, 2014: Darwin Day Lecture - Dr. Lee Alan Dugatkin, University of Louisville


Fall 2020 Seminars:

·       September 4, 2020:  Out of Western North America: systematics and phylogeography of Rhizopogon subgenus Villosuli based on genome-scale sequence typing.  Dr. Alija Mujic.  Department of Biology, California State University, Fresno.

  • September 11, 2020:  Richer than Gold: Biodiversity vs. Industrial Mining.  Dr. Roo Vandegrift,  Independent environmental activist.

·       September 18, 2020:  Reconstructing locomotion: Lessons from the joints of living animals.  Ms. Armita Manafzadeh .  Brown University.

·       September 25, 2020:  Report from the front lines of our multicellularity Long Term Evolution Experiment: evolving tough bodies, simple development, and increased cellular interdependence.  Dr. William Ratcliff, Georgia Institute of Technology.

·       October 2, 2020:  Adaptation in a changing world: human influences on evolution.  Dr. Kiyoko Gotanda, Sherbrooke University/University of Cambridge.

·       October 9, 2020:  Amphibious fishes: Terrestrial locomotion, performance, orientation, and behaviors from an applied perspective.  Dr. Noah Bressman, Chapman University.

·       October 16, 2020:  Physiological Plasticity of Bivalves Under Global Climate Change.  Dr. Omera Matoo, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

·       October 23, 2020:  About ghosts and parasites: Studies on the interactions between the threespine stickleback and its parasitic tapeworm.  Ms. Anika Wohlleben, Clark University.

·       November 6, 2020:  Plant worms, zombie ants and their biotechnological potential, the case of the entomopathogenic fungus Cordyceps.  Dr. Tatiana Sanjuan, Antioquia University in Medellin, Colombia.

·       November 13, 2020:  Hitchhiker's Guide to Migration: avian malaria in migrating sparrows.  Dr. Tosha Kelly, Louisiana State University.

·       November 20, 2020:  The Fungi Foundation: what can an NGO do to advance conservation, research and awareness of Kingdom Fungi?  Ms. Giuliana Ford, Fundación Fungi.

·       December 4, 2020:  Evolutionary ecology of social networks and risk-taking in mammals: from hyenas to ground squirrels.  Dr. Jennifer Smith, Mills College, Oakland, CA.