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College of Science and Mathematics

Faculty and Staff

Meet the faculty and staff that make the BOND program possible. 


Teresa Brooks | Chemistry

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Beth Weinman | Earth and Environmental Science Department |  Co-PI

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Mathieu Richaud | Earth and Environmental Sciences Department 

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Anahit Hovhannisyan | Biology Department

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Emily Walter | Biology Department

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Candice Cortney | Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

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Brandy Murray (White) | Chemistry 

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Jaime Arvizu, Ed.D. | Co-PI | Advisor Lead

Jaime Arvizu

Dr. Arvizu supervises and coordinates ARC advising staff to provide advising and student support services to CSM BOND students and to CSM students at large. He provides leadership that incorporates College support services into the summer and first year experience. His role is central to the coordination of Student Success Services and provides staff support for the summer experience when needed.

He believes that the BOND program is important because it helps incoming freshmen transition into their first semester at Fresno State and continues to support students while they are in their first year. Through the CSM 10/15 courses offered in the fall and spring, the program provides the foundational skill set - critical thinking, problem solving, and team skills - that students need to be successful in all their STEM courses. These are skills that most employers look for in potential application candidates, so this program attempts to ensure that all students will be successful in their undergraduate studies and beyond.


Jessica Bustos | BOND Administrative Support Coordinator

Jessica Bustos is the Administrative Support Coordinator for our CSM BOND Program, as well as our Advising and Resources Center. She has been involved with the BOND program since its fomation in 2015 as a Summer Peer Leader for the Summer Experience, an Instructional Student Assistant for CSM 10 and 15, and as an Americorps Summer VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America). She completed her B.A in Psychology from California State University, Fresno in 2018 and her M.A in Psychology - Psychological Science Option from California State University, Chico in 2020.

She believes that the BOND program is a wonderful resource to our students in the College of Science and Mathematics and sets a strong foundation for skills that will be used beyond their freshman year. She works closely with the BOND Coordinators, BOND faculity, Instructional Student Assistants, and MASS Peer Mentors to insure that our BOND students are recieiving and encompassing experience in program. She owes her professional success as an undergraduate and graduate student to her experiences working with the BOND program and is excited to see the program continue to grow.


Bianca Hinojosa | CSU STEM VISTA


Arantes Armendariz and Ginny Barnes

BOND Library Guide

J. Daniel Gomez Martinez | CSM Career Counselor