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Department of Biology

Admission Requirements

  1. An appropriate undergraduate science degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA in science and math coursework. Students with a lower GPA may submit a request for special evaluation of their application. Students making this request must send a letter explaining why they are requesting the review, including the reason why students feel they are capable of graduate level course work. Please send the letter to the program office.
  2. Demonstration of competence in English and Mathematics. Competence is demonstrated with GRE test results or with specific undergraduate course work. Though we do not require specific general GRE scores, GRE scores are considered in the admission process. Subject GRE tests are not required. Students who are exceptionally qualified for the program, but lacking in either English or Math skills, may be admitted conditionally*, pending completion of course work to address the deficiency.
  3. International students are required to take the TOEFL and meet University admission requirements for this test.
  4. Entering students must show competence in genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, analytical chemistry, immunology, and statistics as displayed through coursework or experience. Students lacking these requirements may be admitted conditionally and required to take additional coursework * .

* Conditionally admitted students have extra course work to complete. The two-year program of study presented in the [ Courses] web page suggests a sequence of courses that do not include additional courses. Students will need to consult the graduate advisor to determine the best sequencing of additional required prerequisites.