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Advising and Resources Center


This page provides links to a wide variety of online resources for students considering or planning a career as a physician.  The California State University, Fresno Premed website offers a comprehensive overview of medical school preparation. Be sure to also review the pre-medical prerequisites page and take note of the Essential Student Pre-Med Forms link to the right of this paragraph.

Also available is information regarding diversity in the medical professions, admission requirements to medical school, the MCAT – (Medical College Admission Test), and the Medical School Application Service (MSAR) as well as links to summer academic enrichment programs, on-the-job training, and a one-unit elective research course. (A copy of the MCAT and the MSAR is available to read in the Science and Health Careers Information Center.)

Pre-Medical Resource Links

  • Overview of a Career in Medicine - Includes career description, employment characteristics, salary, employment outlook, educational programs, and licensure and certification, and inquiries contact information.
  • Becoming a physician: frequently asked questions - American Medical Association's FAQ's, including attritubes of a successful physician.
  • Considering a Medical Career? Find out what doctors do and how to prepare for a career in medicine.
  • - Timeline for applications and admission, MCAT deadline and score schedule, and information and support for diversity in the field of medicine. Includes "Ask the Experts" and "Inspiring Stories".
  • Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) - This book is an invaluable and essential source of information on medical school admission requirements, class profiles, and much more.  When you apply to medical school you will want a copy.
  • Essential information on the MCAT exam - Important part of how medical schools access your application.
  • AMCAS (Medical School Application Service) – Most medical schools use this service for initial applications. College transcripts, grades, letters of recommendation, personal essay, etc., are entered here and submitted by AMCAS to the medical schools of your choice.
  • Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) -
    The AAMC Fee Assistance Program (FAP) for MCAT® examinees and AMCAS® applicants, with eligibility guidelines and online application.
  • Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) - AAMC publications, job center, medical schools, and medical education and research.
  • Summer Medical and Dental Education Program and the Association of American Medical Colleges - Summer medical and dental education programs are free and include full tuition, housing, and meals; six-week summer academic enrichment programs that offer freshman and sophomore college students intensive and personalized medical and dental school preparation. Open to students from historically underrepresented groups.
  • St. Agnes (Fresno) Scribe Program - For pre-medical students. Excellent training and experience that includes assisting emergency room physicians on their rounds. An application is required.