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Medical School Course Prerequisites

Students should confirm prerequisites with the medical schools to which they are interested in applying.  Some schools may require additional courses not included below.  Check requirements in the MSAR (Medical School Admission Requirements) available in many book stores.

Check osteopathic medical school requirements if you are applying to D.O. schools. It is essential that you see a pre-medical advisor prior to planning your pre-med program!
Medical schools will consider students with any major as long as the medical school’s prerequisite requirements are met. 

Required by most schools
Requirement Course
1 year of Biology with Lab BIOL 1A and BIOL 1B/BL
2 years of Chemistry with Lab CHEM 1A/AL, CHEM 1B/BL, CHEM 128A, CHEM 128B,
CHEM 129A and often CHEM 129B
1 year of English Two English classes can be incorporated into the general education requirements.

  ENGL 10 and ENGL 20 or ENGL 160W
Math (variable with school) MATH - requirements differ from school to school. Some schools stipulate no requirements, while many require one year of college-level math. A one-year college-level math requirement can be met with one semester of calculus (e.g., MATH 70 or 75) and a statistics course (PSYCH 42 or MATH 101). Some will accept a computer science course. Check requirements of schools in which you are interested.
1 year of Physics (with labs) PHYS 2A and PHYS 2B 


Courses required by some medical schools
Requirement Course
Biochemistry CHEM 150 or CHEM 155A & 155B—Biochemistry is highly recommended by many medical schools and should be taken before entering medical school.
Statistics (variable with school) MATH 101 or PSYCH 42 (see math requirements above)
1 semester of Behavioral Sciences  PSYCH 10 or SOC 1


Courses which may help with the MCAT and are highly recommended
Highly Recommended Course
Physiology BIOL 67A/B
Genetics BIOL 102
Cell Biology BIOL 103
Molecular Biology BIOL 150