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College of Science and Mathematics

STEAM: Enriched Pathways

A Department of Education Title VA Award: October 2020 to September 2025

Approximately $3.0 million dollars


Partnered Colleges
Three colleges are partnering in this endeavor
1. College of Science and Mathematics (CSM)
2. Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (JCAST)
3. Lyles College of Engineering (LCOE)


Architects of the STEAM grant
Architects of the grant
1. President Dr. Saul Jimenez-Sandoval and Provost Dr. Xuanning Fu (PDs)
2. Gillisann Harootunian, PhD, Executive Director, University Initiatives, Office of the Provost
3. Stergios (Steve) Roussos, PhD, MPH, (external evaluator), Community Initiatives for Collective Impact
4. Dean Christopher Meyer, College of Science and Mathematics (Co-PD)
5. Dean Ram Nunna, Lyles College of Engineering (Co-PD)
6. Dean Dennis Nef, Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (Co-PD)
7. JCAST Grant coordinator: Dr. Steve Rocca
8. LCOE Grant coordinator: Dr. Brissa Quiroz,
9. CSM Grant coordinator: Dr. Alejandro Calderón-Urrea

The goal of “STEAM: Enriched Pathways” is to democratize access to academic success for all students. The project creates efficient ‘guided pathways-plus’ for students to obtain bachelor’s degrees in STEAM. “STEAM” encompasses STEM disciplines as well as agricultural sciences because the latter is a huge economic engine in the region.

  1. Guided Pathways: These are the roadmap with milestones, benchmarks, and score cards (4-6 year plans).
  2. CURES (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences) also referred as ARG (Affinity Research Groups).
  3. WBLOs (Work-Based Learning Opportunities): These could be implemented in the CSM as company visitations, company speakers, research projects in class for companies, shadowing, micro and traditional internships, etc.
  4. Employee Partnerships (to expand CURES and WBLO opportunities): We are working in conjunction with the College Director of Development to increase the number of companies involved in projects with the students of the college.
  5. Financial Literacy and Financial + Career Planning (embedded in GE/FY courses): We plan to implement though modules included into the BOND CSM10 and CSM15 courses.
  6. Endowment: DOE to provide $600K… the University to raise $600K.

  1. Faculty Liaisons: Development of guided pathways, plans to introduce HIPs
  2. Professional Development for Faculty: Including workshops to implement integration of research, HIPs in classes
  3. Faculty and Lecturer Support for curriculum development, revision, pilot teaching, and GE course revisions and teaching
  4. Lab Tech Support for research and equipment support for students and faculty on projects
  5. Project Assistant Support for scheduling, coordination, logistics
  6. Travel Support for professional meetings and dissemination
  7. Materials and Supplies and Support for implementation of WBLOs/student support