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Health Careers Opportunity Program

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Letters of Evaluation Guide

How Many Letters should I get?

The total number of letters that you can submit varies with the professional school and the application service. It is your responsibility to research the guidelines for the profession to which you are applying. Typically you should include letters from:

1-2 Health Professionals
2 Science Professors
1 non-science Professor

If applicable you could also include letters from:

Research advisor
Director of Volunteer Services
Community member who knows you well
Employment Supervisors
If you receive a Health Professions Committee evaluation this will, in some cases, count as one of your letters

It is important to note that Allopathic programs will accept up to 10 letters of evaluation, although it is not necessary to submit that many. Please contact your centralized application services to learn about their letter of evaluation requirements. Other institutions require additional items that need to be attached to each letter of evaluation, so please check the requirements of each institution.


What to bring to the meeting with your letter writer:

The student should bring a copy of your resume or curriculum vitae to give to your letter writer and assist them with composing the letter of reference. A copy of your personal statement is a nice addition to add to the other documents that you are providing your letter writer. Place all of the documents that you are providing your letter writer in a folder with your name on the front and the desired due date. Due dates are important as they allow you to follow up directly with your letter writer after the date has passed.

During your meeting with your letter writer, inform them about your desire to enter into a Health Professional program and what makes you a good candidate. They will often address this in their letter and thus greatly strengthen your evaluation.

The Health Professions Committee has a Reference Request Guide to provide to each of your letter writers. The letter of evaluation guideline provides your letter writer with: where to send your letter to, what items to include in your letter and how to address your letter.

In addition you may provide your letter writer the AAMC Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Evaluation for a Medical School Applicant.