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College of Science and Mathematics

Changing Lives and Building Futures

The measure of a great university is its ability to make a difference in the quality of life for those it serves. California State University, Fresno is great not just because of the award-winning faculty and successful students, but because it is a university deeply committed to upholding the responsibility of changing lives and building futures.

The Downing Space Museum is dedicated.

Heralded as the 'New California,' the Central Valley has experienced a dramatic population growth and expanded economic opportunity. This monumental shift in the region brings both promise and challenge.

A prosperous future for our region depends upon a strong academic institution focused on serving the needs of our community, nation and world.

That is why Fresno State launched its first-ever comprehensive campaign- an effort that will enable its students and faculty to grow and deepen their impact on the economy, education, agriculture, health, culture and environment.

Fresno State needs your support to meet the needs of the region and become one of the nation's best engaged universities - recognized for our ability to engage a diverse group of students in learning and for the ability to become actively involved in a region and contribute to its transformation.

As a public institution, the university depends on the generosity of donors to transform our university from good to great. Private support makes a significant difference in the quality of our programs, our students' lives and the campus. It represents the roots of the university's growth and is vital to achieving the vision and solving the challenges that lie ahead.