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College of Science and Mathematics

Prospective Students

The CSM BOND program is a one year program serving incoming College of Science and Mathematics freshmen, currently in its third year of operation. The program centers around the two GE courses all students in the program are guaranteed enrollment in. These courses are CSM 10: The Scientific Method providing GE Area A3 credit in the fall and CSM 15: Evidence Based Decision Making for GE Area E in the spring. The program offers a true cohort experience; meaning the students who are in your CSM 10 class will be in your Math and Chemistry courses - so you will always have a familiar face. The CSM 10 and 15 courses are DiscoverE courses, meaning students are expected to bring a tablet or laptop to the class. All students in our program are guaranteed a tablet for loan as long as they enroll in the CSM BOND program and complete the application by May 24.

CSM BOND Program Benefits

  • Guaranteed enrollment in classes that are required to graduate
  • Be a part of a community on campus 
  • Develop connections with your peers, professors, and peer mentors
  • Increased support in your academics and transition into the college setting 
  • Explore different career options and the majors in the College of Science and Math

CSM BOND Program Requirements

  • Be an incoming freshmen
  • Be declared in one of the following majors: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Geology, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physics, Psychology
  • Be free to attend the Summer Experience the week before classes begin (August 18, 19, or 20). Attendance to the Summer Experience is expected and required. It is a time where students become oriented with the program and plays a large part in creating the connections our program believes are pivotal for our student's success.
  • Be free to attend the Family Partnership Conference on August 21 with at least one family member. Event will take place on zoom from 1:00pm to 3:00pm (Will not be in-person event).