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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Research Facilities

The EES Department's research facilities and equipment mainly includes:

  • Malvern MasterSizer 3000 Particle size analyzer.
  • Hydrology/Environmental Science lab,
  • Rock preparation lab GIS and Remote Sensing lab,
  • Electronic mapping lab,
  • Fully equipped distance learning instructional lab,
  • Microscope equipment for petrography study,
  • SUN workstations for modeling and seismic data processing,
  • Column Leaching Equipment for solute transport experiments,
  • MiniTrase TDR for soil moisture measurement,
  • CR5000 datalogger for simultaneous measurements of up to 5,000 sources,
  • EZ Chem analyzer for water quality analysis,
  • LISST-portable laser particle size analyzer (Sequoia Scientific, Inc.),
  • WP4-T DewPoint PotentiaMeter,
  • Quelph Infiltrometer for field test of infiltration rate and hydraulic conductivity, and
  • Field vehicles and trailers, etc.

Other research facilities and equipment are being set up and will be updated when new information is available.