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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Career Opportunities

Our degrees develop students into qualified and desirable candidates for careers with public agencies, nonprofits, K-12 and higher education, as well as private industries. Below are some of the career pathways our students will be qualified for.
Geology student in the field; they are holding a Jacob's staff and overlooking rock formations


Geology is the original multidisciplinary field of study, including elements of chemistry, biology, physics, applied to the Earth system (or other planets!). Geosciences include the solid, liquid and gaseous part of rocky planets. Careers in geology are quite diverse, such as planning for and mitigating hazards from earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, etc.; sustainable development; and finding and responsibly acquiring resources and protecting them from pollution and misuse.

Careers in Geology
Student walking in the river collecting samples

Environmental Science

Careers in environmental science are broad, encompassing the range of environmental interactions between life and the physical environment. This can include studying air pollution, hydrography and hydrology, performing environmental surveys, and more!

Careers in Environmental Science
Two children smiling for the camera at Fresno State's Geology Camp


Our degrees prepare students with the technical knowledge and expertise to teach the geosciences to future generations so that our community understands and values the natural environment.

Careers in Education
Student holding a rock to measure its grain size


Internships are a great way for students to gain experience in their desired field and build their resume.

Learn More About Internships

Don't see the career pathway you were looking for?

Our degrees empower students to build an impactful and fulfilling career, regardless of the field, so don't limit yourself to the careers outlined here. Our students will be equipped with the critical thinking, technical writing, and oral communication skills necessary for a career in any industry. Regardless of your desired career pathway, we always suggest talking with your advisor to discuss your career goals.

Advising at Fresno State