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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Jon C. Avent

Dr. Bruce Blackerby
Minerology, Igneous Petrology, Computer applications.

Dr. Roland Brady
Structural geology, engineering geology, faults and earthquakes, urban watershed planning.

Dr. Frederika (Fraka) Harmsen
Marine and non-marine sedimentology, depositional environments and basin analysis.

Dr. Seymour Mack
Coast range tectonics, Hydrogeology.

Dr. Robert D. Merrill
Depositional environments, Geomorphology, Ichnology, Paleoecology clastic depostional environments.

Dr. C. John Suen
Groundwater modeling, Contaminant hydrogeology, Environmental geology

Dr. Peter Van de Water
Quaternary environments; Palynology; Packrat midden analysis; Isotope paleoecology.