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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Roland Brady

Roland H. Brady III


Professor Emeritus of Earth and Environmental Sciences

B.S., Sonoma State University

Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Dr. Brady taught courses in Structural Geology, Engineering Geology, Introductory Geology, Advanced Field Methods, Stream Habitat Restoration, Applied Geophysics, Technical Writing, Analysis of Faults and Earthquakes, Urban Watershed Planning, and others.  He also taught professional development workshops on Stream Hydrology for Biologists and Civil Engineers.

In 1996, Dr. Brady was awarded the University Provost's Award--the highest award for excellence in teaching, and in 2000, he received the Special Recognition award for excellence in university teaching from the CSUF School of Education.  For his teaching, he has been listed in "Who's Who" and recognized by the Sigma Xi Honor Society.

Dr. Brady's research has focused on the relationship between Tertiary tectonics and sedimentation in the Mojave Desert and geological aspects of stream habitat restoration.  In addition, he has been involved in geo-archeological studies in the southwest and Chile.  Dr. Brady's numerous stream restoration projects include students at the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as at-risk, high school students. 

Graduate theses supervised during the last four years:
• Hydrological study of Red Rock Canyon State Park, Inyo Co., CA
• Engineering geomorphological study of La Honda Creek along the highway 84 corridor, San Mateo Co., CA
• Restoration of Mill Creek, City of Visalia, Tulare Co., CA
• Structure of the Rabbit Hill metamorphic complex, Madera Co., CA
• Origin of the Clovis lineament, Fresno Co., CA
• Geoarcheology of the Skyrocket site, Calavaras Co., CA
• Facies analysis of syntectonic strata of the western Soda Mountains, San Bernardino Co., CA

Dr. Brady is a Registered geologist with the State of California (RG# 5721).  He operated a mineral exploration consulting business for 15 years conducting mapping in Alaska, Mexico, and throughout the western U.S.  During academic leave in 1996-97, he served as a volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps in Chile, teaching Field geology and initiating an engineering geology program at the University of Chile, and conducting helicopter- and horseback-supported geological mapping in Patagonia.

Personal interests include ocean kayaking, skiing, foreign travel,  custom motorcycles, interesting people, music, and archeology.


  • Urban Restoration project, Mill Creek, City of Visalia, CA.  MS thesis funded by Urban Streams Program, State of California Department of Fish and Game ($123K).  Planning, surveying, earthwork and installation of stream habitat restoration project to reduce bank erosion and flooding.  Included at-risk students from Redwood High School.
  • Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA. MS thesis funded by State of California Department of Parks and Recreation ($24K).  Undertook preliminary surveying and soil borings to determine the cause of and mitigation for accelerated erosion and vanishing spring habitat.  
  • Cause of failure and recommended design for stabilizing stream banks, Kennedy Plaza Park, City of San Pablo.  Urban Creeks Council, Berkeley, CA ($1.5K).  Site investigation for urban parkway.
  • "Working at the Watershed Level" Workshops.  Funded by State of California Department of Water Resources, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and US Bureau of Reclamation ($140K).  Organized and facilitated two, five-day conferences.
  • Lake and streambed Alteration for Transportation Workshops.  Funded by State of California Department of Transportation ($9K).  Taught five, five-day workshops dealing with interactions between transportation infrastructure and surface waterways.
  • Cause of failure and methods to control accelerated gully erosion, San Joaquin River, Madera Co., CA.  Pro-bono consultation for the Department of Fish and Game.
  • Revegetation plan and installation for reclaimed mining land, Ratzlaff Reach, Merced , CA.River. Funded PG&E and Nature Restoration Trust ($57K).  Involved undergrduate and graduate students and at risk students from Sanger and Hoover High Schools.
  • Enterprise Canal, Fresno, CA.  Interdisciplinary graduate course is designing habitat improvements and installing teaching wetland along irrigation canal in central Fresno.  Project in conjunction with Fresno Irrigation District and Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District.
  • Allensworth State Historic Park, Tulare County, CA.  Planned and secured funding to use geophysical methods to locate lost graves in historic cemetery.
  • Restoration of Little Dry Creek and Establishment of Livestock Demonstration Site, Fresno County, CA.  MS thesis proposals submitted.
  • San Gregorio Watershed and Highway 84 Transportation Corridor habitat Planning, San Mateo County, CA.  MS thesis subcontracted through the State of California Department of Transportation and the San Francisco Estuary Institute ($64K)  Watershed study for advance permitting of habitat-sensitive design of highway maintenance and improvements. 
  • Restoration plan for Merced River Ranch, California.  Funded by State of California Department of Fish and Game ($43K).  Developed interdisciplinary course in which students and faculty from 5 departments designed restoration plan for degraded dredger mined land.
  • Pilot study for restoration of the San Joaquin River. Funded through U.S. Bureau of Reclamation ($18K).
  • Restoration mapping and stream bank design, Kennedy Plaza Park, Wildcat Creek, City of San Pablo, Contra Costa County, CA.  Funded by Urban Creeks Council of California ($1200).
  • Revegetation map of Camp Pashayan, San Joaquin River, Fresno County, CA.  Funded by San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust ($500).


Brady R. H. III, 2001. Conceptual restoration plan for the Merced River Ranch, California: State of California Department of Fish and Game, Open file report, 117 pp.

Brady R. H. III, 2001. Restoration site evaluation for the Kennedy Plaza Park site, City of San Pablo, California: Urban Streams Council of California, Special report, 13 pp.

Brady, R. H. III, 2000, An interdisciplinary, university-level, stream restoration course at CSU Fresno: the McKenzie Creek restoration project:  (abs.) Society of Ecological Restoration (SERCAL) conference proceeedings Santa Barbara, p. 36.

Brady, R. H. III, and Young, L.D., 2000, Ratzlaff-Merced river restoration project: a State agency-university-high school collaboration: (abs.) Society of Ecological Restoration (SERCAL) conference proceeedings Santa Barbara, p. 40.

Brady, R. H., III, 2002. Environmental geology in mineral exploration, Chile. San Joaquin Geological Society, Bakersfield, Feb. 2001. Keynote presentation.

Brady, R. H., III and Troxel, B. W., 1999.  The Miocene Military Canyon Formation: Depocenter evolution and constraints on lateral faulting, southern Death Valley California: Geological Society of America Special Paper 333, p. 277-288.

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