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The information below is a general roadmap, and does not take the place of regularly meeting with a Pre-Veterinary advisor.

Pre-Veterinary Prerequisites



The following courses are courses offered here at CSU Fresno that meet the requirements for admission to The School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis, while you are en route to a degree in BIOLOGY. There are minor variations in these required courses if you intend to apply to other North American Veterinary Schools. Grades achieved in the science courses below are a considerable factor in assessment of applications by the admissions committee at Davis. All of these courses must be completed before the fall of the quarter (Davis is on the quarter system) you intend to start veterinary school. The courses are listed in the approximate order they should be taken.


  • BIOL 1A, 1B Introductory Biology
    Fulfills the one year of general biology requirement
  • CHEM 1A, 1B General Chemistry, General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis
    Fulfills the one year of general chemistry requirement
  • PHYS 2A, 2B General Physics
    Fulfills the one year of general physics requirement
  • CHEM 128 A-B, CHEM 129 A
    Fulfills the one year of organic chemistry requirement

Notes: BIOL 1A and 1B are prerequisites for virtually all upper division biology department courses, including those listed below, and CHEM 1A and 1B are prerequisites for organic chemistry and biochemistry.


  • CHEM 150 General Biochemistry
    Fulfills the one semester of biochemistry requirement
  • BIOL 102 AND 104 Genetics and Genetics/Cell Biology lab
    Fulfills the one semester of genetics requirement
  • BIOL 162 and 162L Comparative Animal physiology OR BIOL 163 Advanced Human Physiology
    Fulfills the one semester of systemic physiology requirement

Non-Science course requirements

Recommendation: ASCI 165: Infect diseases of animals, ASCI 135 Anim Nutrition, + one other (some sort of production course) 8 semester units (equivalent to 12 quarter units) of English. One course must be in English composition. Courses may be lower or upper division. Some more common options, with their semester units, are: ENGL 1 (Composition) [3]; ENGL 20 (Introduction to Literature) [4]; a variety of courses offered by the Communication Department.

8 semester units (equivalent to 12 quarter units) of Humanities and Social Sciences This requirement may be fulfilled in virtually any way that you think fit and interesting.

3 semester units (equivalent to 4 quarter units) of Statistics MATH 11 Elementary Statistics.

You do not need to have a Bachelor’s degree to get into vet school: however, most students have one. Your GE and Biology major requirements will be fulfilled as you pursue the pre-veterinary curriculum.