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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Fresno State Scholarships

How to find us: Scholarship Office, Joyal Administration Building, Rm 296
                        Scholarship Office Web Site:
                        My Fresno State Portal
                        (Student Self Service/Apply for scholarships)

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Scholarship Fun Facts

1. Scholarship Myths

Scholarships are only awarded to students with a 4.0 G.P.A.
• As of Fall 2011, the average G.P.A. for undergraduates was 2.90.
If a 4.0 G.P.A. was the determining factor, scholarships would go unawarded.

Scholarships are only awarded to students who are considered financially needy.
• Some scholarships are designed to help needy students. However, this has nothing to do with a formula based need assessment like the Financial Aid process.
Scholarship awards are based on multiple factors such as major, narrative essay, GPA, career objective etc.

Scholarships are hard to find.
• Using Google – Over 6.9 million sites have links to scholarship search engines.
• Fresno State offers 589 individual scholarships.
• Fresno State awarded 3.6 million dollars in scholarships. Does not include athletics.
• Fresno State students received 1.6 million dollars in privately funded scholarships.
Many scholarship opportunities are available locally and nationally if some time is spent searching for them.

2. Scholarship Strategies

Adopt a positive attitude when applying for scholarships.
• Hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of students compete for the same scholarship opportunity.
• Equate the scholarship process to a job search. You don’t stop applying because you didn’t get one.
Apply for scholarships every academic year until you’re done with school.

Develop a well-written narrative statement about yourself.
• Donors want to know something about your accomplishments, hardships, and ambitions.
• A poorly written essay is a direct reflection of your intelligence, professionalism, and character.
The narrative statement is the most important part of the scholarship application. This is the only opportunity students have to personalize the application. A good narrative statement can offset a mediocre G.P.A. to get
you considered for a scholarship.

Focus your efforts. Don’t become overwhelmed with information overload.
• Search locally for scholarship opportunities and then broaden your search nationally.
• Network. Ask family, friends, employers, and your faculty for any leads.
Use a calendar to track scholarship deadlines or for reminders to following-up on opportunities.

3. Scholarship Awards
Scholarship awards usually have no restrictions and vary in amount.
• There are no limits on the amount you may receive.
• Most scholarships are awarded unconditionally without restrictions.
• Scholarships unusually don’t affect Financial Aid awards.
• After tuition fees are paid, the student decides how funds are used.
Scholarship money can be used for any expense a student has while attending Fresno State.

Final Thoughts
The best kept secret no one talks about.
• All scholarship applications ask for the same information. Organizations simply present their questions
in a different format.