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Department of Computer Science

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Computer Science (CSCI) family at Fresno State College of Science and Math (CSM).

At CSM CSCI, it's the honor of faculty and staff to serve our students. As a tradition, we have created a student centered learning environment. We care about your experience, growth, and success.

We have developed a comprehensive curriculum offering a wide variety of courses in both traditional and cutting edge fields. We believe that students need both breadth and depth for solid knowledge and strong skills. Our faculty love to engage you in the classrooms and labs, help you during tutoring and advising sessions, and even challenge you with cool programming projects.

Computer Science is a discipline that involves innovation and creativity by nature. Our faculty worked with both graduate and undergraduate students on various research projects. Students publish a significant number of papers as co-authors in journals, conferences, and local symposiums. We also send our students to compete in 59DaysOfCode to support their ideas for startup companies. Through our service learning projects, GiveCamp, and Comp-X Summer Camp, our students contribute to local communities and teach kids how to program and solve problems. At Fresno State Computer Science, your talents and diligence benefit the valley, the nation, and the world.

We want a promising future for you. We work with industry leaders and secured career opportunities for students in companies like Apple, Boeing, Cisco, Google, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Schneider Electric, and VMWare, We invite scientists and CEOs to visit the campus and meet our students, we send students to National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduate sites, and we assist students entering top Ph.D. programs like Carnegie Mellon University and UC Santa Barbara. On the road towards excellence, you are not alone.

We educate you, but also learn from you. We help you, and also appreciate your contributions. We set our academic goals, but are more proud of your achievements. That’s why students and faculty enjoy being part of our CSM CSCI family.

Come and join us at Fresno State Computer Science.


Ming Li, PhD

Chair and Associate Professor