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Department of Computer Science

Frequently Requested Forms

Frequently Requested Forms
Form  Method of Delivery Size
CSci 190 (Undergraduate Independent Study) Pickup at CSCI  
CSci 194 (Co-op Education) Pick up at ISSP  
CSci 198 (Senior Project) Pickup at CSCI  
CSci 290 (Graduate Independent Study) Pickup at CSCI  
CSci 298 (Master Project) Pickup at CSCI  
CSci 299 (Master Thesis) Pickup at CSCI  
CSci 298C (Master Project Continuation) Pickup at CSCI  
Permission Number Request Form for Undergraduate NOT Meeting Prerequisites  Download  93.3K
Permission Number Request Form for Undergraduate  Meeting Prerequisites  Download 93.3k 
Permission Number Request Form for Graduate Courses Download  92.9K
Permission Number Request Form for Pre-requisite Courses taken by Graduate Students Download  94.3K
Change of Major/Minor   Form 139K
Request to Change Catalog Year   Form  267K

Deadline for Independent Studies (190, 290)

All students intending to register for an independent study course (CSci 190 or CSci 290) must submit an independent study form signed by the course supervisor to the department office by noon of the last day of the semester prior to the semester they intend to take the course. For Spring 2016, the deadline is December 23, 2015 at 12PM.

Exceptions to this early deadline will be granted only in special circumstances, including but not limited to

  • students in their first semester who have received the required supervisor approval before the first day of the semester,
  • students in their last semester who have demonstrated a need to complete the independent study course in order to graduate that semester. 

All exceptions require approval of the department chair and, for graduate students, the graduate coordinator.

Important Notice for students taking CSci 194:

Per ISSP adviser, "for each separate period of time (summer, fall, winter; spring) that a student wishes to work on CPT a corresponding CPT/internship course needs to be attached to it with student registered, academic advisor authorization signed and employment letter."

Therefore, if a student wants to work from June 1 to December 30, two(2) 194 has to be registered separately for summer and fall. Please remind the employer when you work on the offer letter.

In addition, please avoid "internship" on your offer letter. The Computer Science department does not have an internship program yet. Using the word "internship" might create confusion on university obligations of an outside employment like CPT. We will NOT accept any offer letter with "internship" in the future.