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Department of Computer Science


Computer Science Spring 2022 Course Registration Process


1. Utilize your class-level-based registration priority to enroll in the courses you need ASAP. Many core/popular courses will be full the first day/hour of registration. Your priority can be found in the link here. You will save yourself and the Department a lot of time if you just follow this one suggestion.

2. When a course is full, please fill out the corresponding Google Form for undergraduate courses and/or graduate courses (note, graduate students who need undergraduate courses still fill out undergraduate Google form). PeopleSoft course waitlists are not available except CSCI 1 and 100.

STARTING FROM JANUARY 2022, there will be a few rounds of permission number assignments:

The Department will use these forms along with students' DPRs to determine an internal waitlist for each full course; Google forms are not first-come first-served but instead ordered by need. A spot is NOT guaranteed when a course is full. 

4. Both enrolled and Google-form-waitlisted students are required to attend the first week of course meetings. Google-form-waitlisted students must request Zoom links from virtual class/lab instructors. Enrolled students who do not attend the first week and do not contact the instructor about their absences will be dropped from classes to create room for waitlisted students to get in. Google-form-waitlisted students who do not attend the first week will be removed from the waitlist.

5. The Department will assign permission numbers to Google-form-waitlisted students starting January 2022 for a few rounds. No new requests for permission numbers will be reviewed after the first week of classes (exceptions will be made only for compelling cases with adequate documentation). Once you receive a permission number, please enroll in the assigned course immediately. Your spot may be released to others in the later round if the Department notices your permission number is unused before the next round of assignment. 

6. Permission numbers are not transferable; they are assigned as a result of the Department's careful review. Students attempting to use a permission number that was not assigned to them will be disenrolled from the course and will have lower priority for future permission-number requests. Additionally, for those who request/shop many courses and do not use most of them (including past semesters), the Department will also put these students in the lower priority for future requests.