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Department of Computer Science

Masters Projects Or Thesis

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Jeevjyot Chhabda Metaprogramming in a Functional-Programming based Web-Framework Todd Wilson Spring 2017
Carlos Moreno Supporting Quality of Service in Real-Time Video Streaming Using the Kinect Ming Li Spring 2017
Franc Pelayo A theremin-based interface for non-haptic elevator control Brent Auernheimer Spring 2017
Mohamad Ziaee A generic solution to support multiple web service versions on a single version application service Brent Auernheimer Spring 2017

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Hannah Scott JASA Patent Review Rescue Project: USPTO Patent Grant Classification with Tensorflow Todd Wilson Fall 2016
Preeti Aggarwal  Building an effective recommendation system by analyzing and evaluating different algorithms in the apartment domain  Shih-Hsi Liu Spring 2016
Vishal Bhatia  Classification of cancer date using machine learning algorithms  Ming Li Spring 2016
Parthiban Chenniappan ID based cryptograph with deployed destruction in cloud computing Jin Park  Spring 2016 
Harleen Gulati  ASAP: Automated System for Accurate Parking Shih-Hsi Liu Spring 2016
Mahima  Notes Share Shih-Hsi Liu Spring 2016
Sony Reddy Pasunoori  Secure File Uploading Server Jin Park Spring 2016
Shashank Shivhare  Math equation Reader Brent Auernheimer  Spring 2016
Akashdeep Singh Real time 3d monitoring system for energy usage  Jin Park Spring 2016
Shreya Singh   Fresno State interactive & navigation campus Map Ming Li  Spring 2016
Sandesh K. Srinivasareddy   Trajectory-based taxi ride-sharing Ming Li  Spring 2016


Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Gautam Baagaria Virtual Reality Application Development with Google Cardboard Box Brent Auernheimer  Fall 2014
Piyush Goyal Weather Application Integrated with Facebook Brent Auernheimer  Fall 2014
Sushmareddy Sandireddy Scene Text Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms  Brent Auernheimer  Fall 2014
Harjinder Singh Online Examination System for SQL Brent Auernheimer  Fall 2014
Krish Arunachalam Thayappan Knowledge Discovery Through Sentiment Analysis on Big Data Shih-Hsi Liu Spring 2014
Yogesh Bansal Mobile MySQL Brent Auernheimer Spring 2014
Adrian Cortez Implementing a Low Cost, Open-Source Eye Tracking solution Brent Auernheimer Spring 2014
Taylor Job High Performance Computing in Bioinformatics Jin Park Spring 2014
Ryan Melvin Simulator for Wireless Body Area networks (WBANSs) Ming Li Spring 2014
Gautham Rajasekar Attention Analyzer Brent Auernheimer Spring 2014
Antony Ross Running Gait Recognition and Classification of Athletes in Video with a Moving Camera Shih-Hsi Liu Spring 2014
Paramveer Singh Recommendation System For Web Application Brent Auernheimer Spring 2014
Sam Vang A Text-to-Speech Synthesis Engine For the Hmong Language Shigeko Seki Spring 2014
Nickolas Vela Brain Wave Plotter: A Mobile Application for Visualizing Attention and Meditation Mental State Levels Over Time Brent Auernheimer Spring 2014


Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
James Cha Low Power Wireless Sensors Ming Li December 2013
John Sainna Human Computer Interaction (HCI) for Peace Brent Auernheimer December 2013
Rahul Mehta Travel Check list App with HCI Brent Auernheimer December 2013
Tzuchieh Chang Virtual Keyboard Shigeko Seki December 2013


Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Bryant Cardwell Portal Project Todd Wilson May 2012
Paramjot Kaur Improving Software Quality of Qt-based Applications Using QtestLib Unit Testing Framework Shih-Hsi Liu May 2012
Arne Odland Puzzlanguage Todd Wilson May 2012
Saagar Patel A Web Based Academic Information Center for Students and Faculty Ming Li May 2012
Pooja Raka SMART Irrigation System-Developing an application for SMART Pivots Shih-Hsi Liu May 2012
Kirupashankar Sampath Server-Side Type-System Validation for a Portal Todd Wilson May 2012
Vivek Venktachalam Media Based Information Leakage Detection Jin Park May 2012

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Rohit Agarwal Voice Controlled Web Browser Brent Auernheimer December 2011
Richard Edward Calzada Logging and Auditing; An Automated and Centralized Approach Shih-Hsi Liu December 2011
Pushpeen Chhoker Survey of Workflow Engines and Preliminary Implementation of New Language Construct in Apache Ode Workflow Engine Shih-Hsi Liu December 2011
Deepthi Reddy Dayam jComposer: Music composing tool Brent Auernheimer December 2011
Maximino Gomez csPortal Project: Architecture Design and Analysis Todd Wilson December 2011
Shreyas Joshi Automatic Android Educational Toolkit Generation Ming Li December 2011
Jacob Jan Lee Situation Theory: A Survey Todd Wilson December 2011
Rohan Patil An Iterative Study of Various Architectural Designs for the Computer Science Department Portal Application Todd Wilson December 2011
Xang Xiong Load Balancing for Apache Web Server Farm on Hadoop/ZooKeeper Ming Li December 2011
Hasan Zahid Cellular based Automated Speed Tracker (CAST) Ming Li December 2011
Amany Alnahdi Semantic Web Service Matchmaking: A Quality of Service Approach Shih-Hsi Liu May 2011
Vahe Derkalousdian V-Chat A Secure Instant Messaging Service Shih-Hsi Liu May 2011
Harwinder Singh Grewal Wireless UMTS Network Optimization Brent Auernheimer May 2011
Krishna Krishnamaneni A JavaScript API for Creating Web Based Applications Shigeko Seki May 2011
Shashvat Mahendru From Ideas to Implementation Brent Auernheimer May 2011
Raghavender Pulipati Smartphone and Smartphone Programming Ming Li May 2011
Deepa Raka A Product Line and Model Driven Approach for Interoperable EMR Messages Generation Shih-Hsi Liu May 2011
Nicholas Alan Read Testbed Development and Protocol Design in Body Sensor Networks Shih-Hsi Liu May 2011
Vijayender Singh Group Database Transition Brent Auernheimer May 2011
Brent William Zundel A Pure Python Implementation of the AES Cipher  Shigeko Seki May 2011

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Christopher O'Day Image Analysis Using MSSQL Todd Wilson December 2010
Sharma Meenakshi Content-Based Image Retrieval for Biomedical Images Yu Cao December 2010
Brian O.Baker Arboretum: A GPS Assisted Tour Guide Application for the iPhone Platform Brent Auernheimer May 2010
Sean Kraus Chat Client Using Flex 4.0, the Mate Framework,and AIR Brent Auernheimer May 2010
Darshana Runwal Cellular Automata Visualization Package Shigeko Seki May 2010
Daniel Kulibert Orders:A Self-Checkout Restaurant Program Brent Auernheimer May 2010
Satmeet Ubhi Automated visual tracking and analysis software for biological model organisms Yu Cao May 2010
Pranay Kilaru Exploration,Exploitation and Optimization of Engineering Design Space using Graph Grammars Shih-Hsi Liu May 2010
Rajesh Appalla Body Sensor Network Communication Ming Li May 2010
Yili Li Content Based Medical Image Retrieval Yu Cao May 2010
Swapna Philip Sensor Based Time Series Classification of Body Movement Using Data Mining Algorithms Yu Cao May 2010
Svetlana Swisher Intelligent Medical Image Retrieval Yu Cao May 2010
Arun Vignesh Kumaar Aruchamy Protein Structure Classification from NMR Spectra Using Data Mining Techniques Yu Cao May 2010
Salil Nandkumar Deshpande Animation of Array Based and Tree Based Sorting Algorithms Todd Wilson May 2010

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Sachin Raka Automated 3D Visual Tracking of Drosophila Yu Cao December 2009
Inder Singh Designing Accessible websites for the Disabled Brent Auernheimer December 2009
Anuj Mishra The Design and Implementation of a Large Scale Medical Image Database to Support Content-based Image Retrieval and Annotation Yu Cao December 2009
Julie Tripp Biomedical Image Retrieval Search Engine Yu Cao December 2009
Mohammed Zubair Design Patterns for Programmable Parameter Control for Evolutionary Algorithms Shih-Hsi Liu December 2009
Prasad Supreet, Gandur Raghvendra Survey on Body Sensor Networks and Implementation of a Body Sensor Network Testbed Ming Li December 2009
Rehana Ferwin Mohamed Ali Protein Structure Classification Based on Chemical Shift of NMR Spectra Using Data Mining Algorithms Yu Cao December 2009
Roger Borges Extending Chat Software Functionality To Allow Offline Chat Ming Li December 2009
Polukonda, Hari Krishna Chaitanya Internal Social Networking Yu Cao August 2009
Thrasher, Brett Howard Voice XML Technology And Interactive Voice Response Applications Todd Wilson August 2009
Harris, John Fast Robot Swarm Deployment Protocols Ming Li May 2009
Her, Fong Service Oriented Semi Connected Web Studio Proposal Writer Ming Li May 2009
Lal, Anamika Efficient RObot Swarm Movement and Shape Recognition Algorithms in Environments with Obstacles Ming Li May 2009
Schwenkenberg, Alexander Olaf Automated Form Creation in Drupal, with E Commerce Application Todd Wilson May 2009
Virk, Gurmeet Singh University Research System Yu Cao May 2009

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Brad Strait Fault Tolerant Service Management with User Mode Linux Brent Auernheimer May 2008
Joshua Daniel MyEnv Virtual Desktop Environment Shih-Hsi Liu May 2008
Vikrant Tomar Video Library Management System Yu Cao May 2008
Roshan Patel Student Information Management System Grace Wei May 2008
Santosh Singh Complaint Handling System Yu Cao February 2008
Neelima Maddirala Authentication of user based on keystroke dynamics Shih-Hsi Liu July 2008
Venkata Indurthi Airline Sales Analysis Using Oracle Business Intelligence Yu Cao December 2008
Sung IL Baang Semantic Classifications for Biomedical Images Yu Cao December 2008
Shwetha Siddavanahalli Google Map Based Event Management Portal Brent Auernheimer December 2008
Gurkirat Singh Pandher Mail Server With Spam Firewall Ming Li December 2008
Amit Pandey Automation of Railway Filing System Yu Cao December 2008
Vamsi K. Yenigalla Windows Automated Site Map Generator Shih-Hsi Liu December 2008
Sukhpreet Gill Validating Video Analytics in Mission Critical Applications Brent Auernheimer December 2008

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Botros Youssef Online Multimedia Share System Brent Auernheimer December 2007
Saeed Iqbal sDesk-Designing,Implementing and Analyzing an application using New Enterprise Framework Brent Auernheimer December 2007
Vikramkumar H.Soni Operational Informational System Henderson Yeung December 2007
Vikram Raina HRP System and Replication Henderson Yeung December 2007
Sommart Homchant A web-based e-commerce system based on three tier architecture Grace Wei May 2007
Yulia Benton On-line Graduate Study Advisory System Bo Hatfield May 2007
Jyoti Borkar Wireless and Mobile Technologies Lan Jin May 2007
Than Shwe Implementation of WMBS API Todd Wilson May 2007
Hina Walia Datawarehouse Design Using Informatica Grace Wei May 2007

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Sujin Philip Online political accounting Henderson Yeung December 2006
Anuj Sharma Attendance automation and computerization Henderson Yeung December 2006
Jaykumar Talaviya Automated Regression Testing Frame Tarek Alameldin March 2006
Sunil Singh Extraction, Transformation and Loading of Data into Database using Infomatica Henderson Yeung May 2006
Pratik Shroff Banking Transaction Processing System Henderson Yeung May 2006
Hardik Patel Student Info Management System Henderson Yeung May 2006
Pritam Gawade Enterprise Desktop Migration Architect Henderson Yeung May 2006
Sabahudin Tricic Creation of Easy Fin: An Accounting S/W based on the Relational Database Grace Wei May 2006
Kannaphon Sae-Lim Prolog Implementation with C++ Shigeko Seki May 2006
Jit Leishangthem Asterisk Administration : IP Telephony Administration System Tarek Alameldin May 2006
Shalini Sundararajan Simulation of Bellman-Ford Algorithm using Graphical User Interface Shigeko Seki May 2006
Sridhar R Duvanthala Work Force Task Preview System Tarek Alameldin May 2006
Sri Venkata Praneel Ankireddy Conference Room Tarek Alameldin May 2006
Chaitanya Madala Online Banking (J2EE Web Application) Henderson Yeung May 2006
Narayan S. Chalasani Transit Services System using .NET Technology Henderson Yeung Aug 2006
Naveenkumar Thummalamani File Cryptography Henderson Yeung Dec 2006

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Vishal V. Saberwal Hard Disk Partitioning System Henderson Yeung March 2005
Jayesh Deshmukh Web Based Management System Tarek Alameldin May 2005
Robert Macias SML Core Interpreter Henderson Yeung May 2005
Bharat Patel Central California Health Information Project Henderson Yeung May 2005
Vishal Aggarwal Web-Based Enrollment System Henderson Yeung May 2005
Rhee Cha Hyeon Implementation of the Pattern Matching Algorithms: Keyword Tree,Suffix Tree Pattern Matching
and Approximate Pattern Matching
Shigeko Seki May 2005
Prashant Sharma Web Based Inventory Management System Henderson Yeung May 2005
Huyen Khai Dinh Tran Web Gradebook Grace Wei May 2005
Saengdouane Lambert Web Grade-Check Grace Wei May 2005
Amit K Walia Groupware Interface System Tarek Alameldin May 2005
Tajinder Pal Singh Maintenance Management System Henderson Yeung May 2005
Geddam Chaitanya Rao SQL based Heterogeneous Distributed Database Cluster Grace Wei May 2005
Vishal Dali File Configuration and Version Controlling using PHP and MySQL Henderson Yeung May 2005
Kiran Dayalu XML Based Web Content Management System Henderson Yeung Aug 2005
Tony George A Novel and Efficient System for Online Interviewing Tarek Alameldin Aug 2005
Terry Jason Paul Group Theory of Extended Language And Its Application to the Method of Quotes(Interdisciplinary Thesis) Walter Read , Larry Cusick ,Michael Fisher , Shigeko Seki , Todd Wilson Aug 2005
Ritesh Tijoriwala A Voice over IP Application Henderson Yeung Aug 2005
Abhilash Yelineni Task Tacking System Henderson Yeung Aug 2005
Hirdey P. Singh Web Based E-Learning System Henderson Yeung Aug 2005
Rajan Nagpal Oracle Portal 10g Henderson Yeung Dec 2005
Rajul Jain Hospital Management System Henderson Yeung Dec 2005
Mohan Pindyala Web Application Development using .NET Technology Tarek Alameldin Dec 2005
Archana Sivakuri Component Server - .NET Remoting Henderson Yeung Dec 2005
Gaurav Verma Help Homeo Retail and Management System Henderson Yeung Dec 2005
Rajaadityareddy Tadi Electronic Medical Record System in ASP.NET Henderson Yeung Dec 2005
Nina Mehta Design of Web-diary Brent Auernheimer Dec 2005
Brandon Jensen Raisin Packaging Solution Brent Auernheimer Dec 2005
Shamsudin K. Gilani Brain Search Henderson Yeung Dec 2005
Craig Arnold Chatting for Online Classes using a Whiteboard with URL Capabilities Brent Auernheimer Dec 2005
Yogesh Amarnani Inventory Management System Henderson Yeung Dec 2005
Peter Schimitt * Learning Centered Technology (Interdisciplinary Thesis) Brent Auernheimer,Kathey Moffitt , Bohlen Ray , Benavides Otto , Ram Nunna Dec 2005

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Rei Suryana Recognizing Handwritten Mathematical Expression using Tablet PC Henderson Yeung May 2004
Poojitha Kotha Time Card Management System Henderson Yeung May 2004
Tanvir Sidhu Development and Usability Testing of an RSS feed reader application in J2ME Brent Auernheimer May 2004
Rekha Dayalu Project Collaboration and Management using Windchill Projectlink Henderson Yeung May 2004
Amitesh Sinha A Complete Retailer Product Management System with Asynchronous Supplier Chain Management Tarek Alameldin June 2004
Sridhar Ponamgi Network Message Communicator Application Henderson Yeung June 2004
Gaurav Nayyar Automated Inventory Control and Production Planning System Brent Auernheimer July 2004
Puneet Sharma Online Shopping Store using ASP.NET Framework Henderson Yeung Aug 2004
Rahul Pusalkar Customer Sales Management Tarek Alameldin Aug 2004
Inmok Kim Web Service Application Development with XML Shigeko Seki Aug 2004
Sunil Kumar VNC Client for Mobile Phones ans PDA's Henderson Yeung Aug 2004
Hemant S. Mattoo Enterprise Project Minder Henderson Yeung Aug 2004
Karanpreet Singh Error Handling and Management System Henderson Yeung Aug 2004
Ping Jiang Campus Facility Locator by ArcIMS Lan Jin Aug 2004
Diganta Deb Adhikari Encrypted 128 bin Software Licensing Module: Implementation using RSA Algorithm Henderson Yeung Aug 2004
Pallavi Kale Database Explorer: Remote Database Access Tool Grace Wei Aug 2004
Amit Badgi Sonification Henderson Yeung Aug 2004
Amit Deshpande Online Community Management System Tarek Alameldin Aug 2004
Kalpesh V Bagaria Online Schedules and Work Time Tarek Alameldin Dec 2004
Rasesh Chauhan Patient Appointment System Brent Auernheimer Dec 2004
Yueh-Tsung Chiang Firmware Analysis Implementation of LCD Panel Henderson Yeung Dec 2004
Krishna Guttikonda Data Analyzer Brent Auernheimer Dec 2004
Hans Hardoyo Kam XML Web Services: A Business Solution to Cross-Platform Data Exchange Grace Wei Dec 2004
Sunil Kalavendi Online Store: A Java Based Web Application Henderson Yeung Dec 2004
Chandra Annavarapu Pocket Forms Shigeko Seki Dec 2004
Chaithanya V S N. Vasili Web Services in Commercial World Henderson Yeung Dec 2004
Ya-yen Hu Store Locator Simulation Grace Wei Dec 2004
Ling Yu IBugU.NET 2005: Issue Management System Henderson Yeung Dec 2004
Johnel K Reynolds Study of a Web-Based File Server for Web-Enhanced Classes Brent Auernheimer Dec 2004
Duan Hoang Web-Based Automation System of DNS and IP Distribution/Search Engine for Devices
on a Static DHCP Network
Grace Wei Dec 2004
Santosh Lahankar Web Based Enterprise Content Management Tarek Alameldin Dec 2004
Venkata PraveenKumar Manne Employee Payroll Management System Henderson Yeung Dec 2004
Peeyush Tiwari Project Management/Tracking System Tarek Alameldin Dec 2004
Dhimanshu Joshi Private Educational Institute Management System Tarek Alameldin Dec 2004
Mohfeza Khatoon Web based Survey Methodology implemented in PHP and MYSQL Grace Wei Dec 2004
Miho Kurano Analysis and Evaluation of Joeq Scheduler Lan Jin Dec 2004
Ankit Shah Migration to Web for APEP(Agriculture Pumping Efficiency Program) Henderson Yeung Dec 2004
Rama Krishna Kattamuri EMAIL System Henderson Yeung Dec 2004
Junko Oba Web based SPARC V9 Assembly Language Simulator Shigeko Seki Dec 2004

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Kurniawan Kwel Universal data access using ADO Grace Wei August 2003
Kang-Chi Lai Bioinformatics: Mouse cDNA array data indexing Lan Jin August 2003
Quingli Yee * Implementation of vector research project on a client-server Oracle 9i database server Henderson Yeung August 2003
Yen-Ju Chu Layout design - start from phase locked leroh Lan Jin August 2003
Rocio Fraija Virtual Art Galery Implemented in PHP and MySQL Todd Wilson May 2003
Rishikant Chaturvedi Developing Web Application Using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server 2000 Grace Wei May 2003
Huei-Yu, Wang Java Database Application: Library Database Design Henderson Yeung May 2003
Rui Zhou A Simulation of Web Based Hospital Management System Grace Wei Summer 2003
Jose Thomas Foundation Management System Web Database Development Tarek Alameldin Summer 2003
Chin-Wen Hu Bioinformatics Analysis with SARS Using Perl Grace Wei Summer 2003
Aninda Dutta Web-Base Management Information System Grace Wei Summer 2003
Pritesh Parekh Voice/Data Over IP Using H.323 Henderson Yeung Summer 2003
James Kwong A Genbnak Flat-File Parser Using JavaCC Brent Auernheimer Fall Dec-03
Zhi Zheng Secured Remote Control System for Networking Computers Henderson Yeung Fall Dec-03
Allan Lim Web Based Database Management Grace Wei Fall Dec-03
Shintaro Nagai The Efficiency of the Supernet IP Address Architecture in Internet Grace Wei Fall Dec-03
Amrish Makwana An Efficient Approach in Implementing PHP-MySQL Based e-commerce System Tarek Alameldin Fall Dec-03
Ching-An Chang Deployment of Microsoft AD-based Network Infrastruction On A Home Networking Environment Henderson Yeung Fall Dec-03
Yigang Bian IEEE 802.11 and Wireless LAN Security Lan Jin Fall Dec-03
Greg Kobzeff Jobs Website with Software Engineering Todd Wilson Fall Dec-03
Amique Azhar Software Testing snd Software Quality Assurance Brent Auernheimer Fall Dec-03
Rahul Gupta Distributed Project Management Systems Henderson Yeung Fall Dec-03
Vijay Kumar Recipe Systems An Enterprise Application Developed on J2EE Architecture Brent Auernheimer Fall Dec-03
Laxman Buneti Dotnetstore.Biz A Web Based E-Commerce Application Grace Wei Fall Dec-03

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Raviraj R. Bekal Sales Management Prototype System Grace Wei May 2002
Manoj G. Kithany SWAR-Student Web Assisted Registration Grace Wei May 2002
Alaa Alnaji Webservices and Wireless as Implemented in the J2EE Platform Tarek Alameldin May 2002
Yun Zhang Network Performance Modeling For Iterative And Concurrent Processes. Brent Auernheimer May 2002
Zuowei Zhang Distributed Client-Server System and Its Simulation Lan Jin Fall Dec-02
Ray Still Real Time Systems: Ethernet and TCP/IP Shigeko Seki Fall Dec-02
Yongbo Liu Issue Management System-Web Database Development Henderson Yeung Spring May-02
Sharlyn Claypool The Family Records: A Collaborative Website for Casual Family History Tarek Alameldin Fall Dec-02
Hitomi Yamazaki Java Web Application Based on MVC Model-A Case Study of Online Store Management System Henderson Yeung Fall Dec-02
Rajesh Vijayaraghavan "Element"- A Web-based User Interface for Configuration Management Using CVS, Java Servlets and JSP. Brent Auernheimer Fall Dec-02
Vishal Kadakia Kerberos Authentication & Authorization System Brent Auernheimer May 2002

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Tomemi Nishio Web Design using Perl CGI and VRML Henderson Yeung Dec-01
Yaichuo Takagi Implementation of network-monitoring tool and network analysis Todd Wilson Dec-01
Anees Mohiuddin Ahmed The scenario based personalization of E-Commerce Web Sites   December 2001
Minori Goto Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)   December 2001
Yau Jiun Jiang Oracle Database Design in JSP and JDBC : An online BookStore   December 2001
Wen-Yang Hsieh WMBS Discussion Application Todd Wilson December 2001
George L Klein Simulation of a Pipelined Datapath using C++ The DLX Archive Lan Jin May -01
Merouane Moakil-Chaba Software Testing and Testing Automation Brent Auerenheimer May-01
Liijie Zhu The Simulation of DB Client-Server System Lan Jin May-01
Vishal Bansal Development and Performance Analysis of a multithreaded Brent Auerenheimer May-01
Yen-Kuang Chen Distributed Multi-Tier Architecture Used for Medical Information Brent Auerenheimer Aug-01
Fuhan Liu Developing a Web Database Application Using Java  Servlets Grace Wei Aug-01
Mehul Parmar Network of  Stations Brent Auerenheimer Summer 2001
Jignesh Shah Human Personality Speed Reading System Using Java Tarek Alameldin Jul-01
Liang Sun Java Online Database Application Course ASAP Systems Tarek Alameldin Jun-01

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Chisang IN Concurrent Client-Server Programming in Java RMI for Distribution. Lan Jin May-00
Kangsoo Cho A Web-based Multiplayer Game in Java TM Todd Wilson May-00
Qiuhong Sun Web Search Engine for California Agriculture in Active Server Pages Lan Jin May-00
Mamatha Alavarti Shop Floor Production Support Brent Auerenheimer May-00
Michael C. Vea The Internet Dermatology Web Application Tarek Alameldin May-00
Seunghee Song MySQL Web Databases for an IRC-based Internet Multiplayer Game Todd Wilson May-00
Waheed Akhtar Implementation of a Client/Server Chat Application Grace Wei Jul-00
Meghana Ashok Athlekar Data Mining and its Application : A Study Brent Auerenheimer Jul-00
Bhatia Munish Code Generation with Playback in a Workflow Environment  Brent Auerenheimer May-00
Vicky Indrawan Teleradiology User Interface for the World Wide Web Tarek Alameldin Jul-00
Santosh V. Malik Planner Abstraction Brent Auerenheimer Jul-00
Masswadi Adel 3D Visualization Of Underground Volcanoes Using Java Tarek Alameldin Aug-00
Pankaj Kumar Sharma Evaluating an HTTP Based Virtual File System Running Under Brent Auerenheimer Jul-00
Jaikrishna Parmar Gigabit Ethernet Card Drive & Diagnostic Software Lan Jin Dec-00
Mei Zhang A general-Purpose Custom-Designed Assembler in C--A case Lan Jin Dec-00

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Ramiro E. Dominguez, Jr. A Case Study of Fault Seeding with Software Inspections in Embedded Systems Development Brent Auernheimer May-99
James Voratape Sirivatanarat Design & Implementation of Client Applications Using JAVA Tarek Alameldin May-99
Nicole Lampe-Nalchajian Workflow Systems: Advances and Challenges in Usability Brent Auernheimer Jul-99
Saed Awan Wateright: The Irrigation on the World Wide Web Brent Auerenheimer Aug-99
Won Rhee Logic Tutoring using the World Wide Web Todd Wilson Dec-99
Valerie L. Young Expediting  Communication for a Business Process Reengineering Brent Auerenheimer Dec-99
Yoshiki Izawa Design and Implementation of Web Application with RDBMS Todd Wilson Dec-99

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Asif Khan Teletrend - user interface and usability testing Brent Auernheimer Dec-98
Vinai Pradistsatabodee Java Applet utilities Tarek Alameldin Dec-98
Prudence Tovey Distributed Transactional Control in a Client Server System Lan Jin Aug-98
Michael Tanaka Implementation of a Veterinary Hospital Application Grace Wei May-98
Alan John Andrew Hay The Development of Human-Computer Interfaces for Distributed Group Interaction: An Applied Study Using Code Inspections Brent Auernheimer Apr-98
Jie Shen Implementation of a Distributed Multimedia Information Management System Lan Jin May-98
Huy Quang Nguyen Bravo/Teletrend: User Interface and Time Estimate Study Brent Auernheimer May-98
Sandeep S Hans Database Access with Java Brent Auernheimer Jun-98
Farzad Buxey Security and Privacy for Web Applications Bravo/Teletrend: A Case Study Walter Read Jun-98
Chyoung-Yun Chang Centralized File System for Reliable File Transfers: A New Way of Looking at FTP Tarek Alameldin May-98
Hui-CHuan Cheng Multi-Threaded Programming In  Java for Concurrent Transaction. Lan Jin Dec-98

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Susan Aneshka Arritt An Informal Study of a Videoconfrencing Software for Code Inspection: Enhanced CU-SeeMe Brent Auernheimer Aug-97
Alnaji, Loay Abdelfattah Human Visualization in Medical Research Tarek Alameldin Aug-97
Bahram Emrany 3D Mesh Generation and Finite Element Analysis Tarek Alameldin Jun-97
Rajeshwari SusaiMicheal Web Development Solutions Brent Auernheimer Dec-97

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Tohru Kao System Component Visualization - implementation of linked list in Java programming language Henderson Yeung Dec-96
Jerome Smith A simple message passing interface on an INMOS transputer system Lan Jin Dec-96
William Chang-Wei Chen A Prolog Compiler by Using Warren's Abstract Machine Concept Henderson Yeung Aug-96
Hui Ling Yang Study in Cryptography Shigeko Seki Aug-96
Shuo-Shiun Chiu VRML User Interface Using Open GL Tarek Alameldin Aug-96
Chulanbhorn Chongcharoen Usability of a Videoconfrencing Software: Enhanced Cu-Seeme Brent Auernheimer Aug-96
Wayne R LaPorte The Pre-Registration Process:Veterans Health Administration  Brent Auernheimer Jul-96
Heh-Shyang Lin Course-Advising System in Prolog Henderson Yeung Aug-96
Vinita Ramnani User Interface and Networking Techniques Applied to a Desktop Fax System Tarek Alameldin May-96
Mark R Huggett Bridging Alarm and Control Systems into an SNMP World Wide Web In the Creation of Universally Accessible Help Files Brent Auernheimer Dec-96
King Fung Yeung Implementation of Course Advising System in Java Programming Language Henderson Yeung Dec-96

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Tony Tiehun Yu Implementation of Master-Slave Farming Method in Message-Passing Multiprocessors Lan Jin Aug-95
Liwei Zhong Applying Vegas Network Congestion Control Techniques to Linux TCP Brent Auernheimer Aug-95
Posen Hung X Window User Interface for Transputer Configuration Lan Jin May-95
Liu,Tung-Hui SQL in Client/Server Architecture Henderson Yeung May-95
Gary Wayne Dunn Where Am I in CSci? A Practical Application of Hypertext and The World  Walter Read May-95
Chiang,Yaw-Feng Cross-Platform Data Access with ODBC Henderson Yeung Dec-95
Dawn Truelsen (Special Mojor) The effects of multimedia environment on learning achievement when addressing multiple learning styles (Interdisciplinary Thesis) Walter Read , N Hunt , Susan Tracz Dec-95

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Wei-Yu Chang Study of Iterative Methods for Solving Linear Equations on a Multicomputer Lan Jin Aug-94
Chan, John Chi Kin Parallel Problem Solving for Testing the PVM on a LINUX-based System Lan Jin Aug-94
Martin Von Lowis A Parallel Implementation of Miranda Henderson Yeung Dec-94
Catherine Simitzi Active Database Applications in Decision Support Systems with Graphical User Interface Design Walter Read Dec-94

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Chieh Fan Windows Sockets for Novell TCP/IP: An Open Interface for Network rogramming under Microsoft Windows Henderson Yeung Aug-93
Jeff Jacobs The Xtesters/Tester Client Server Brent Auernheimer Jul-93
Fuhher Yan Parallel C Programming on Transputers Lan Jin Aug-93
Richard Lewis Xnet: A Network Monitoring Tool Brent Auernheimer Aug-93
Eric Smith  Computerized Analysis of Atmospheric Soundings Using Graphical  Analyis of the Skew-T Log-P Chart  Henderson Yeung Aug-93 

Data table
Student Title Advisor Term
Jie Zhu Dynamic Configuration Software for a Transputer-based Multicomter System Lan Jin Dec-92